When They Were Buckeyes II: Jeff Smith

As the Ohio chapter of the Jeff Smith fan-army already knows, Bone & Thorn were born right here at Ohio State in the pages of The Lantern. I was going to feature a small gallery of Smith’s early strips here in honor of his upcoming gig at the 2013 Festival of Cartoon Art (with yet another former Buckeye, Paul Pope). But a young cartoonist named Charles Brubaker made my life easier (and your life better) by collecting all of them at his website for your enjoyment:

So all that is left for me to do is to remind you all to get your tickets for Jeff Smith & Paul Pope in conversation, this Friday, November 15 (tickets included with registration for Festival attendees and free for OSU students with BuckID).

Tickets and more information available at the Wexner Center:


When They Were Buckeyes I: Derf

Known today for his ongoing editorial comics series The City and for his award-winning memoir, My Friend Dahmer, 30 years ago Derf Backderf was an editorial cartoonist for The Lantern. Derf even courted the most dangerous kind of controversy in Columbus by taking on OSU’s legendary and deeply troubled  former quarterback, Art Schlichter, in an April 11, 1983 cartoon:

Already an inveterate gambler during his college years, Schlichter—who failed to earn the starting spot on the Colts in his rookie pro season—got deeper and deeper into debt, and to some bad people. Never one to bow before sacred cows, Derf called ’em like they were and bravely took the heat from the football faithful back home.

Here are some other examples of Derf’s editorial work for the Lantern: