When They Were Buckeyes II: Jeff Smith

As the Ohio chapter of the Jeff Smith fan-army already knows, Bone & Thorn were born right here at Ohio State in the pages of The Lantern. I was going to feature a small gallery of Smith’s early strips here in honor of his upcoming gig at the 2013 Festival of Cartoon Art (with yet another former Buckeye, Paul Pope). But a young cartoonist named Charles Brubaker made my life easier (and your life better) by collecting all of them at his website for your enjoyment:

So all that is left for me to do is to remind you all to get your tickets for Jeff Smith & Paul Pope in conversation, this Friday, November 15 (tickets included with registration for Festival attendees and free for OSU students with BuckID).

Tickets and more information available at the Wexner Center:


Comics Classes @ OSU in Spring 2014

Spread the word around capital city: we have three comics classes in the spring here on the Columbus campus at OSU (that I know of… if there are others at any of our campuses, please let me know!). OSU folks, spread the word to your students and/or classmates. (We’ll likely have  2 coming up for Fall 14 as well)