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Here are downloadable datasets from the third phase of the Comparative National Elections Project.  Researchers may use these datasets free of charge, but we ask that you fill out the user information form on the Datasets landing page before downloading them.

The [CountryName/Year].Fin files contain all of the variables included in the original survey, as well as CNEP common-core items that have been standardized to facilitate cross-national comparison and analysis. Variables with an A through L prefix and a .F suffix in these data sets are CNEP core items. Other variables may be specific to the country or to a particular election. [Note: Given the evolution of the CNEP, earlier surveys will not include questionnaire items that were added to the core over the course of the project.] The Merged data file includes only standardized CNEP common-core items, with A-L prefixes. These variables have .F suffixes if the variable is no longer part of the common core after October 2015 and no suffix if in the common core.

Macro Reports &
Election Summaries
Questionnaire SPSS Survey File
(publicly available)
Indonesia 2009 Q Indonesia 2009  cn4indonesia2009-fin-4
South Africa 2009 Q South Africa 2009  CN4SouthAfrica2009.Fin
Dominican Rep. 2010 Q Dominican Rep. 2010  CN4DomRep2010.Fin (2)
Mexico 2012 Q Mexico 2012  CN4Mexico2012.Fin
United States 2012 USA 2012 Q US 2012
Kenya 2013 Q Kenya 2013
Italy 2013 Q Italy 2013
Colombia 2014 Q Colombia 2014 (English)
Indonesia 2014  CN4Indonesia2014Ques
South Africa 2014
Turkey 2014 Q TurkeyPres 2014 (English)
Q TurkeyPres 2014 (Turkish)
Spain 2011  CN4Spain2011PreElectionQuestionnaire
Greece 2015
Hong Kong 2015
Spain 2015  CN4Spain2015 Tech Report  CN4Spain2015.Fin
 Technical reports  Tech Info, surveys thru 2016