I work on a number of software projects/ pieces of code that I hope will be useful to the astrophysics community. My personal GitHub is clark2668, and you can find my GitHub page here:

Of particular interest to some is a Python program–NeutrinoLimitPlot–which generates a plot of the leading high energy neutrino flux limits as a function of energy. It is shown to the right.

I’m also an active contributor to a number of other software and firmware projects, including:

  • The ARASim Quality Control Software (AraSimQC) for checking and validating the ARA simulation suite.
  • The ARA Data Acquisition Firmware: Most of this code is pure C, either done in the CCS or Energia framework. I am particularly involved with the ARAFEMaster and the ARAFE slave/slave tester projects.
  • The Genetic Programming Antennas Project: