Undergrad Job Opp at Digital Union

Three student workers at Digital Union Denney Hall video recording studio. Students are shown smoothing out the backdrop and using various camera equipment.

In case you haven’t heard, Digital Union Enarson and Digital Union Denney are grand opening in September, and we’ll need lots of bright new student staff to welcome students, staff, and faculty to the new spaces! Details can be found at u.osu.edu/workatdu. Multiple positions are available immediately, so please share with any tech savvy students or student groups you know!

Techy Student Job Opp

Bob Eckhart holding two cats in what looks to be his home.Calling all OSU student job seekers! How could you not want to work for THIS guy?! Nerds rejoice, you’ll have a techy job and a boss who shares your unconditional love of cats! Frivolities aside, I am posting this job opportunity on behalf of my colleague in the English department, Bob Eckhart. His bio page is available online, and the job posting is as follows…

A new distance learning project on campus is looking to recruit a student who could help manage issues arising from a digital/distance-learning project. Primarily the student will need to help with: Continue reading