Buckeye Wellness Amazing Race: ODEE Style

AmazingRaceGroupTwo teams from ODEE joined 48 other teams to participate in the university’s annual Buckeye Wellness Amazing Race at Fred Beekman Park on Wednesday, April 15th. ODEE was represented by team W-E Double Hockey Sticks (Queenie Chow, Kevin Kula, Steve Lieb, Jen Simmons, and Jill Whitney) and team Cats of the Internet (Sam Craighead, Lauren Evans, Lauren’s twin sister Continue reading

Get a $30 Bike This Wednesday April 9!

Picture of bike with bright red handlebar tape.

My new baby, with freshly wrapped handlebars. Is there ANYTHING YouTube can’t teach me? Click to see the tutorial I used.

I just started riding to work last year, and it’s turning into one of my new favorite things. The only reason I didn’t start biking sooner was because I didn’t want to spend on a bike if it turned out I might not like riding…but getting a bike worth riding meant I’d have to spend more than I was comfortable risking. Finally, I serendipitously got a free bike from a neighbor. Nothing special, just a Walmart mountain bike that was too small for me, and had big knobby tires Continue reading

Runners & Tabletop Nerds Unite!

Hand holding iPhone w/ Run An Empire App open on screen.Let’s just put it out there right now: I hate cardio. But knowing it’s something I need to do for my well being, I’ll take any ounce of motivation I can get. On Kickstarter until April 17, Run An Empire is an app that turns running into a super simple game reminiscent of Fences and Risk. Like  other  Continue reading

My Favorite Healthy Desk Snacks

Green zip top bag of roasted low sea salt whole almondsNo disappointing vending machine runs for you! Save your time, save your health, and save your wallet by stocking up on healthy snacks to keep at the office. Here are 3 of my favorites to keep at the office.

Roasted low sea salt whole almonds
My very own bag pictured here, you can usually find this big green zip-top pouch on a shelf somewhere in the Giant Eagle produce section. They’re tasty, crunchy, toasty, and have mystical powers to control appetite. These are also great tossed into a salad with leafy greens, apple slices, and a touch of balsamic. Continue reading