Carmen’s Down. How to deal.

You might have heard that Carmen has been on a little unplanned hiatus. Meanwhile, check out these Carmen Alternatives for Coursework. The page outlines alternate ways to accomplish the major functions Carmen provides such as tracking grades, sharing content, and accepting assignments. It’s always stressful when the daily tech we depend on fails us, even though realistically we know that this will happen every once in a while despite the best efforts.

This video always gives me the attitude adjustment I need to take a breather, enact an alternative, and be grateful when my service comes back online.

Pelotonia – Why I ride

2014 marks my third year riding in Pelotonia. After August 9th, I will have been on a bike exactly three times in the past 10 years.

To you and so many others, you are a super hero. thanks for being extraordinary.

In 2012, I showed up to the Columbus Commons at 6AM not knowing if I could stay upright on a bicycle. I came armed with a borrowed bike and two flat tires (luckily the Pelotonia crew is ready for riders like me with bike pumps on site). I don’t need to say much more to describe that I am not a biker. It’s likely that someday I will be, maybe when Ultimate Frisbee takes less of a priority in my life. Continue reading

Keen on Quinoa

Large, round, white plate with quinoa salad, including herbs, avocado, carrot.I had the pleasure of attending the just-for-fun/no occasion ODEE potluck on June 27th and, I have to say, it was inspiring! Who would have thought that the sampling of savory dishes offered by my peers would have led to a July 4th creative effort in my kitchen…involving (of all things) quinoa?! Yes…I actually took a quinoa salad to a holiday potluck, at which we were celebrating all things American. I was emboldened by my potluck encounter with a yummy quinoa concoction that included Continue reading

Bike, Walk, & Carpool Resources for Commuters

Photo of me and 3 coworkers. From left to right, Henry, Lucy, Liv, and Queenie.My coworkers and I rode downtown for festivities, then back to OSU for Bike To Work Columbus today! There were several booths handing out breakfast foods including yogurt parfaits, fresh OJ, and a scrumptious breakfast pizza by Late Night Slice that changed my life a little. I also picked up a free bike bell, registered my bike with the city, and found out about a ton of resources for commuters! Here are links for all the pamphlets I picked up… Continue reading

Women Leaders: Lean In or Dig Deep?

Screenshot of Lean In audiobook playing on an iPhone screen.First off, thanks to The Women’s Place for this book recommendation, and for bringing me into the Staff Leadership Series with some of OSU’s best and brightest leaders. That said, I’m now curious how readers here at OSU feel about the book, Lean In, and also how you feel about bell hooks’ opposing review of it, published on the Feminist Wire. I’m posting this article mainly because I want to hear from you, so if you’ve read those two items, I would love to see your comment on this post.

I must confess, I have a quirky obsession with self improvement. I consume everything from leadership training and professional development blogs to documentaries and fitness programs. I read self help books for conditions I don’t even have Continue reading

Remember What’s Important in Life

Silhouette of man fishing at sunset.Thanks to Josh Botti (via Facebook) for posting this story:

There was once a businessman who was sitting by the beach in a small Brazilian village. As he sat, he saw a Brazilian fisherman rowing a small boat towards the shore having caught quite few big fish. The businessman was impressed and asked the fisherman, “How long does it take you to catch so many fish?” The fisherman Continue reading

1 Minute for Oatmeal Drama & Health

Turn up your volume, because you are about to enjoy the cheesiest, most overly dramatic 1-minute video on how to make my favorite grab-and-go breakfast, refrigerator oatmeal. You won’t believe how it turns out!
…but seriously, use whatever type of fruit, milk, or yogurt suits you. This speedy video shows me making three jars at once, which in real time, took just 10 minutes. I bring one for Continue reading

Buckeye Wellness Amazing Race: ODEE Style

AmazingRaceGroupTwo teams from ODEE joined 48 other teams to participate in the university’s annual Buckeye Wellness Amazing Race at Fred Beekman Park on Wednesday, April 15th. ODEE was represented by team W-E Double Hockey Sticks (Queenie Chow, Kevin Kula, Steve Lieb, Jen Simmons, and Jill Whitney) and team Cats of the Internet (Sam Craighead, Lauren Evans, Lauren’s twin sister Continue reading

Achievement Unlocked: Crow Pose

Me in Crane poseFor the first time last night, I successfully took off in crow pose for 3 tiny seconds, something that has been a low key bucket list item since my first intro to yoga class, which OSU offers for free to health plan members! No risk; all reward.

People always say “I’m not flexible enough for yoga.” That’s like saying “I’m not fit enough to exercise.” Don’t be intimidated. Yoga is Continue reading