War of the Worlds Macs at Ramseyer


Enormous tripod alien robot ominously looming in the background, destroying a busy city while panicked people are in awe and trying to escape.“GO! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!….oh…cool,” is pretty much how my sci-fi marinated brain processed the War-of-the-Worlds-esque Mobile Mac desks in Ramseyer 260 a.k.a. Ramseyer College Commons. After I suppressed the urge to sneeze my germs all over the desks in a heroic effort to save humanity,  I started to wonder about their practical use and purpose in the lab. Continue reading

Get Your PHA Out of the Way Today

Invitation to event. Friday 2/14. Chair massages, theraband class, biometric screenings, snacks, socializing, intercultural and interdepartmental. College of Education & Hhuman ecology, Department of Teaching & learning. combined English as a second language programs. Opne House. Arps Hall, Room 060, 2-4pm. Special bonus: 10minute chair massages 1-5pm. Sign up at go.osu.edu/eslchairmassage.Thanks to Bob Eckhart for inviting me to this fancy shindig at Arps Hall! In addition to smoothies from Bob’s very own Vitamix, I hear there’ll be a guided Thera-Band workout by Wellness Program Coordinator, Ben Van-Treese, snacks, and a chance to get your biometric screening out of the way; you’ll need that for your PHA. People always say you can’t love others unless you love yourself, so today, take a moment to care for you. Happy 2/14 to me, and all of you!

Lunch Time with Lunch Pot Lime

Here’s a small tip your health coach might not tell you: part of making healthy lunch decisions is having the right container to pack it in. And who doesn’t love cool, new toys? I bought Black & Blum‘s Lunch Pot online a few weeks ago, and you can now get yours on sale at the Wexner Store.

Two lunch containers, each with lids, stackable, held together with a strap which has a pocket for an included spork.

My main course goes up top in the larger container, and I make a point to pack the bottom container with a side of fruit and/or veggies to snack on. Having a healthy lunch in conjunction with my new favorite breakfast of refrigerator oatmeal has been my routine for the past several weeks, and I feel awesome! On the topic of making healthy choices, did you know that that OSU folks have free access to a personal health coach? Continue reading

Theatre Magic: Technology, Innovation & Effect

Thompson Library Gallery’s newest exhibit brings you behind the scenes with costume sketches, set designs, an interactive stage lighting model, antique cameras, and even a pair of big floppy clown shoes from the 1950s!

The exhibit runs through May 11, 2014. Details online at http://www.osu.edu/events/event443489.