$100 Video Studio for ESL

Panoramic photo of the studio; beige patterned carpet; blue movers blankets hung on the walls; a desk, chair, and tripod on the left; a green screen backdrop covers the entire right wall.

Earlier this week, I wrote about Digital Union’s upcoming studio in Denney Hall. It turns out great departments think alike, because ESL just built a super low key, low budget version for their own use. Here’s my Q&A with ESL colleague, Chris Hill.

How will the studio be used?

Chris: Many courses in the American Language Program (pre-admission ESL) and most courses in the ESL Composition Program (post-admission ESL) have been flipped, which means we’ve been creating a lot of materials for students to access online.  ESL Programs has also been awarded an ODEE Impact Grant to move one of the ESL Composition courses (EDUTL 1901) online so students can take it online before they arrive in the U.S.  We also have a contract to teach English online to Honda employees around North America, which has required lots of materials creation.  So, as our need to create online materials has increased, so has our need for a good place to record and create these materials.

Who can use it?

Chris: Instructors in ESL programs can sign up online to use the studio and they’ve already started.  We’re using http://youcanbook.me to facilitate the signup process.  Down the road, we may even have students use the studio as well. We don’t have a homepage for it because it’s an internal resource.

When is it available?

Chris: The studio is available anytime ESL instructors need it.  Anyone who has a key to the ESL Offices can go in and make what they need.

What can users expect?

Chris: So far, it’s a “bring your own equipment” space, but we’re looking at how to add lights, a camera, and microphones as well. The acoustics are noticeably better in this space now; we’re looking forward to making a few videos in this room and in some of the old rooms for comparison.

Chris provides all the setup and pricing details in his article, Building a $100 Studio. Reach out to him (hill.880@osu.edu) OR email digital media expert, Justin Troyer (troyer.48@osu.edu), for a consult on how to build your own low budget studio.

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