Super Secret U.osu Workshop Friday

u.osu and slogan: what will you use it for?Friday June 20, I’m teaching my first (test)run of a new workshop on using U.osu, NOT just for blogging like on this page you’re reading, but as a tool for staff management and many possible other things! It’s an hour session during which I ambitiously hope to send participants away with a basic working navigation to build upon when you get back to your office. The version I teach for the rest of campus is probably going to move a little more slowly, but this one will be attended largely by my fellow ODEE colleagues who are already at least vaguely familiar with U.osu or are techy enough to pick it up at lightening speed. So what I”m saying is…I have a lot of open seats and if you’re comfortable with a fast pace, you should come! Here’s the registration link. Hope to see you Friday!

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2 thoughts on “Super Secret U.osu Workshop Friday

  1. Hi Queenie! I am SO interested in this but I can’t make it at this time (and I’m not sure I could keep up with the lightning speed!). How can I find out about future sessions? Please be sure to let me know!

    • No worries! I have plans to teach a couple sessions before Autumn classes start. Keep your eye on the ODEE workshops site where the session will post as soon as it’s ready. Meanwhile, you should definitely set up a site and tinker around a bit. Make a few pages and lay out a basic nav. The only thing I can’t seem to find in the help documentation that is crucial for people to understand is how to set up their nav once pages have been created. Step 1: publish new pages. Step 2: To design your site nav, click on Appearance > Menus. The pages you’ve published will show up on the left; click to add them to your nav and reorder them in the window as you’d like them to appear. If you get stuck, email to get connected with the support staff. Best of luck, and see you at future sessions!

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