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Bob Eckhart holding two cats in what looks to be his home.Calling all OSU student job seekers! How could you not want to work for THIS guy?! Nerds rejoice, you’ll have a techy job and a boss who shares your unconditional love of cats! Frivolities aside, I am posting this job opportunity on behalf of my colleague in the English department, Bob Eckhart. His bio page is available online, and the job posting is as follows…

A new distance learning project on campus is looking to recruit a student who could help manage issues arising from a digital/distance-learning project. Primarily the student will need to help with:

Admin duties:

  • Handle new registration (, Carmen, MyEnglishLab)
  • Manage cloud-based resources (google drive–esp. excel)
  • Fill out supervisor reports (excel)

IT duties:

  • Resolve Carmen A/V, grade reporting issues
  • ssist in Articulate navigation and publication

Compensation will be $7-11/hour and work could be as much as 20 hours/week.

Bob Eckhart

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