Bike, Walk, & Carpool Resources for Commuters

Photo of me and 3 coworkers. From left to right, Henry, Lucy, Liv, and Queenie.My coworkers and I rode downtown for festivities, then back to OSU for Bike To Work Columbus today! There were several booths handing out breakfast foods including yogurt parfaits, fresh OJ, and a scrumptious breakfast pizza by Late Night Slice that changed my life a little. I also picked up a free bike bell, registered my bike with the city, and found out about a ton of resources for commuters! Here are links for all the pamphlets I picked up…

Central Ohio Greenways
Find trails around the city to use for commuting to work or just finding a nice picnic spot. One of my favorite things to do is pack a book, a lunch, and a hammock then see where the trail takes me.

This site has resources for walking, biking, and carpooling. You may not want to give up your car completely, but you can certainly supplement with these alternatives. If you get stuck with a flat or caught in a storm, there’s even a free service that allows commuters to take a taxi home and be reimbursed 90% of the cab fare!

Columbus Metro Bike Map
I really like the print version of this map, and you can pick up a free copy at most bike stores around town. I always see a stack on the counter at Trek on Lane Ave. This map shows trails and bike lanes. Streets are color coded based on traffic volume so you can plan a safe route to your destination.

Mayor’s Twilight Ride
I LOVE evening rides! Sign up for this July 11th bike tour of the city; $32 registration fee. Downtown is beautiful in the dark, you’ll end up at the Rhythm on the River concert, and first 50 signups get a free Tshirt.

Bug Your Bike
Register your bike w/ the city for free, and you’ll get a little RFID chip to stick on your bike, increasing the chances your bike will be found in case of theft.

Columbus Art Walks
Here, you can find tons of routes to follow through to noteworthy places in our city, complete with downloadable audio tour guide.

Womyn & Trans Night at Third Hand Co-op
From 6-9pm the last Thursday of every month, self identified Womyn and Trans are encouraged to come by and work on their own bike using the shop’s tools and with guidance from skilled mechanics and volunteers. I was at the Third Hand Co-op on a Saturday a few months ago with my friend who got her brakes fixed for free AND learned how to do it herself in the future. Win!

Critical Mass
This group rides on the last Friday of every month for one hour at a “very casual” pace. I wish I would have know about this group when I started riding last year! I think it would’ve helped a lot with me getting comfortable riding in traffic, which admittedly is still a little scary sometimes. The group meets 5:30pm at Broad and High.

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