Actually, Money Can Buy Happiness

Illustration of a man with a piggy bank for a brain.I listened to The Money Paradox over the weekend, and heard some really fascinating research on money and how we interact with it. There’s an hour of great content here, on how we use money like monkeys, how your mother language dictates the way you invest (or don’t), and even how you can in fact, buy happiness. So throw this on your speakers while you do some Spring cleaning around the house, then come back and share your comments below! Oh hey, OSU students, did you know you get free advice on how to manage your money?┬áTalk about an ROI! No really…go talk about it.

2 thoughts on “Actually, Money Can Buy Happiness

  1. Thanks for sharing this!

    I had the chance to attend TEDMED last year and it was a fantastic experience with a very forward thinking and entrepreneurial spirit. They also offer remote TEDMED live feeds during the conference. Perhaps this is something to consider at OSU for next year?

    College of Nurisng

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