Get a $30 Bike This Wednesday April 9!

Picture of bike with bright red handlebar tape.

My new baby, with freshly wrapped handlebars. Is there ANYTHING YouTube can’t teach me? Click to see the tutorial I used.

I just started riding to work last year, and it’s turning into one of my new favorite things. The only reason I didn’t start biking sooner was because I didn’t want to spend on a bike if it turned out I might not like riding…but getting a bike worth riding meant I’d have to spend more than I was comfortable risking. Finally, I serendipitously got a free bike from a neighbor. Nothing special, just a Walmart mountain bike that was too small for me, and had big knobby tires making even the shortest rides slow and difficult. I gave it a go anyway, and found I pretty much love riding! Last month, I traded in my clunker for a much nicer second hand road bike which feels amazing. Next goal: going clipless.

I can’t conjure up a random neighbor to give you a free bike, but I am here to tell you about OSU Transportation & Management’s unclaimed bike sale this Weds, which comes pretty darn close. For just $30, you can get your very own bike to test out on the trail or even ride to work and around town. To be realistic, you probably won’t find the bike of your dreams at this sale, but it’s a great low cost entry point for anyone looking to test the waters like I was doing last year. You’ll love it! And when you’re ready, you can always trade in for an upgrade somewhere.

Consider Biking
OSU on Bike Safety and Security
How to Ride Road Bikes on Gravel
Trek Rides 6pm Wednesdays (Lane Ave Store)
2 Wheels & Heels Facebook Group
Third Hand Bike Co-op for used bikes, guided tune-ups, and more

Here are a few bike related links I’ve been using, but I’m still pretty new to this. Experienced riders out there, feel free to share more info, links, events, and resources for me and my readers via commenting below!

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