Women in Technology March 13, 2014

A photo of fresh vegetables juxtaposed next to a photo of a videoconference roomI recently joined Women in Technology a.k.a. Witnet, a grass-roots group made up of women who work in a variety of technology-related jobs throughout the university community. The group meets once every two months, and I was granted the honor to organize the next couple of meetings! Taking advantage of my role as manager of the Digital Union and newly knighted Buckeye Wellness Innovator, the upcoming meetings will involve visiting some awesome spaces on campus and include a healthy twist to your normal lunch routine. The itinerary for our March Meeting is as follows:

March 13, 2014 | Digital Union Prior Hall, room 460a

11:25am BYO-Lunch at Prior Hall 460a

Pack your own or get something to bring up from the 1st floor Cafe. We’ll meet and eat before the tour at noon. Save a veggie snack for Veggies and VC!

12:00pm Digital Union Show & Tell

Queenie will show & tell about the recording studiofree tutorialsADA stationCarmen support pilot, staff help, other DU locations. End tour in VC room.

12:15pm Veggies & VC

Bring your favorite vegetable side or snack while Queenie talks about Videoconferencing options at OSU.

12:25pm Chat

Informal chat & plans for next meeting. Bring any ideas regarding work, tech, or health to share and discuss.

1:00pm End

More details about our May Meeting as we get closer. For now, we are planning on May 13 from 11:25-1:30. in Knowlton Hall, where we’ll meet for lunch, then have a tour from the building coordinator to show us the library and rooftop garden, as well as 3d printer, gallery, and more. I love that buildingStay tuned

Come to our March meeting or use one of these other ways to connect with Witnet:
Join the Mailing List | Join the LinkedIn group

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