War of the Worlds Macs at Ramseyer


Enormous tripod alien robot ominously looming in the background, destroying a busy city while panicked people are in awe and trying to escape.“GO! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!….oh…cool,” is pretty much how my sci-fi marinated brain processed the War-of-the-Worlds-esque Mobile Mac desks in Ramseyer 260 a.k.a. Ramseyer College Commons. After I suppressed the urge to sneeze my germs all over the desks in a heroic effort to save humanity,  I started to wonder about their practical use and purpose in the lab.

Mac desktop computers on 3 legged desks that can be wheeled around the room.

Intrigued, I posted photos and cast my question off to Yammer, OSU’s growing social network, and promptly got a response back from Alex Everett, an old friend and colleague who now works with EHE at Ramseyer. Apparently I’m not the only one who finds these desks a little otherworldly. From Alex:

I usually refer to these as alienpods after I heard someone say that, but apparently they are called “iGo” stands for iMacs. There’s a standing model as well as these sitting versions. I’ve found them to be very useful as teleprompters when I’m recording someone on video and we just want to wheel up a powerpoint for them to reference on camera. Their mobility also comes in handy if you’re doing a video conference or recording with the built in camera and you want to face the computer toward a better backdrop… also the base lights up, which is way cool! However, some people don’t like them because they’re a bit top-heavy, so be careful not to tip them when moving. http://www.raindesigninc.com/igo.html

Sign inviting users to try the computers. Text reads Mobile Macs. Try Me! Just move me wherever you need me. Ohio state logo bottom left.Ramseyer College Commons is open to anyone to use. There are Mac computers, a kitchenette, presentation space, white boards, and informal bean bag seating upstairs overlooking the main floor. It could be a pretty cool space to check out if you need to change up the scenery from your day to day. Comment below to share any new uses you come up with for the alienpods!




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