Get Your PHA Out of the Way Today

Invitation to event. Friday 2/14. Chair massages, theraband class, biometric screenings, snacks, socializing, intercultural and interdepartmental. College of Education & Hhuman ecology, Department of Teaching & learning. combined English as a second language programs. Opne House. Arps Hall, Room 060, 2-4pm. Special bonus: 10minute chair massages 1-5pm. Sign up at to Bob Eckhart for inviting me to this fancy shindig at Arps Hall! In addition to smoothies from Bob’s very own Vitamix, I hear there’ll be a guided Thera-Band workout by Wellness Program Coordinator, Ben Van-Treese, snacks, and a chance to get your biometric screening out of the way; you’ll need that for your PHA. People always say you can’t love others unless you love yourself, so today, take a moment to care for you. Happy 2/14 to me, and all of you!