Lunch Time with Lunch Pot Lime

Here’s a small tip your health coach might not tell you: part of making healthy lunch decisions is having the right container to pack it in. And who doesn’t love cool, new toys? I bought Black & Blum‘s Lunch Pot online a few weeks ago, and you can now get yours on sale at the Wexner Store.

Two lunch containers, each with lids, stackable, held together with a strap which has a pocket for an included spork.

My main course goes up top in the larger container, and I make a point to pack the bottom container with a side of fruit and/or veggies to snack on. Having a healthy lunch in conjunction with my new favorite breakfast of refrigerator oatmeal has been my routine for the past several weeks, and I feel awesome! On the topic of making healthy choices, did you know that that OSU folks have free access to a personal health coach?

With the support of a Personal Health Coach, benefits-eligible faculty, staff and their adult dependents can work on their personal health and wellness goals such as weight loss, nutrition, exercise, tobacco cessation and stress management.

I’m making the call today. You should join me!