Final Chance: Your Gift Does More – Michelle’s Story

I joined the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences on March 1, 2016. I joined during the Campus Campaign. One of my employees sent updates to the team promoting the campaign and how to give. This employee also encouraged our team to contribute to our fund. I was surprised to learn that we had our own fund, so I inquired as to how it was used. The team uses the fund to celebrate team accomplishments, individual employee milestones, or mourn the loss of loved ones.

The photo above is a flower arrangement we just sent to one of my team members last week that just had her first baby. Having come from state government where everyone had to chip in to do these types of things, I thought it was a great way to support the college and my team. So, I signed up. I like knowing that my support is going directly to support my team in their times of joy and sorrow.

If you haven’t donated, I encourage you to find something to support that either gives you joy or gives joy to others. The campaign ends Sunday, April 30, so please consider donating. Your gift – no matter how big or small – does more.

Michelle Ball
Marketing and Communications

Featured Units:

Marketing and Communications
Furtherance of Cooperative Extension Information 307960

OSUE Agricultural and Natural Resources
ANR Agronomic Systems Support 314617
Agricultural and Resource Law Fund 314725

OSUE Horticulture & Crop Science
OSUE Master Gardener Endowment Fund 645365

And don’t forget this year’s CFAES highlighted funds:
Students First, Students Now Scholarship Fund in FAES 313122
Welcome and Education Center at the Secrest Arboretum Fund 312597
Ohio 4-H Program Fund 310225

The 2017 CFAES Campus Campaign co-chairs are Greg Davis ( and Thom Janini (

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