Don’t miss “Fallen Star: Finding Home” Screening!

This is a friendly reminder of the upcoming CEGE co-sponsored screening of the documentary screening of  Fallen Star: Finding Home on March 19, 2018 at 7 pm at the Wexner Center.  The documentary focuses on the structural design and construction aspects of a unique art installation by Do Ho Suh at the UC, San Diego campus.  The artist and filmmakers will be present for post-screening discussion. We hope you can join us!


Summer 2018 MECHENG Courses

Previously, the MAE department has offered courses in summer term. We have been notified that there are no further plans to offer these courses over the summer, which students and advisors may notice starting this summer 2018 term. Specific courses that are no longer being offered are: MECHENG 2010, MECHENG 2020, MECHENG 2030, and MECHENG 2040. Please note that Columbus State Community College (CSCC) has historically offered ENGR 2040 (which counts as MECHENG 2010 or 2040, but NOT 2020 at OSU) and ENGR 2030 (counts as MECHENG 2030 at OSU) over the summer. For more information about enrolling in summer classes at another institution, please read through these instructions carefully and contact your advisor (or schedule an appointment) as needed:

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