Course Spotlight: Chemistry 2990

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Chemistry 2990 at The Ohio State University is a seminar course targeting chemistry majors focusing on the development of professional skills, conducting literature searches, writing research papers, and exploring careers and research options. Offered by Dr. Nicole Karn on Monday’s at 3:00 PM, this course will help students hone their writing skills and understanding, while having the opportunity to attend research presentations given by faculty conducting research. Sign up for the Spring 2019 semester! Take a look at the tentative syllabus for an in-depth course description and schedule.

Course Spotlight: Biochem 5613

*New* Biochem 5613 will be offered in Autumn 2018!

What: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology I

Description: An introductory course in biochemistry and molecular biology developing in three semesters the molecular basis of structure and function of living cells.

Pre-req or concur: Chem 2520 (253), 2620, or 2920H, and one semester in Biological Sciences. Not open to students with credit for 613 or 4511 (511).

When: Tu Th 12:45-2:05 PM
Where: Pomerene Hall 150
Who: Dr. Kotaro Nakanishi 

Biochem 5613 has been previously only offered in the spring, but Biochemistry is a growing major and new requirement for many pre-health professions. Many professional schools including medical school require a Biochemistry course. Students may take Biochem 4511, Introduction to Biological Chemistry, or they can take Biochem 5613 and Biochem 5614 to get the content of Biochem 4511 in a more in-depth format.

Biochem 5614 is currently only offered in the autumn semester. However, depending on the enrollment in this new offering of Biochem 5613 in Autumn 2018 and student interest in pursuing a two-semester sequence, the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry will consider an additional offering of Biochem 5614 in Spring ’19.

If you are interested in declaring Biochemistry as a major or a minor or have any questions, please call the undergraduate advising office in Celeste 110 to schedule an appointment at (614) 292-1204.

Course Spotlight: Introduction to Protein Modeling

New Chemistry course in Spring 2017!

protein-modelingFor the first time this spring, students will have an opportunity to explore the theories and methods of molecular modeling and computational chemistry in a new course. CHEM 5194*: Introduction to Protein Modeling allows students to get hands-on experience with computational chemistry software, molecular mechanics, and modeling dynamic systems (molecular dynamics).

When: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday  1:50 – 2:45 PM

Prerequisites: Successful completion of CHEM 2520 (Organic Chemistry II)

Course Spotlight: Nanochemistry

With Spring Scheduling Appointments just around the corner, now is the perfect time to think about your upcoming semester schedule.  This spring,Carbon Nanotube . Dr. Josh Goldberger will be teaching Chem 5520 – Nanochemistry.

The course is an introduction introduction to fundamental concepts of nanoscience, including the structure and synthesis of inorganic and organic materials at the nanoscale, new properties that emerge, their assembly and integration into technology

When: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 9:35-10:55am

Prerequisites: Students should have completed General Chemistry II (Chem 1220, 1620, 1920H) and will need instructor permission.

This course is only offered in Spring semester of odd years, so if you’re interested in taking it, now is your chance!