Facility Overview

Welcome to the NMR Facility serving the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at The Ohio State University. Feel free to browse this website to discover the instrumentation available.

The NMR spectrometers are available for direct usage by any trained user for those interested.  All new users must register and request training through the FOM Calendar.

This NMR Facility is located in the basement of the CBEC Building (092) and Evans Laboratory (EL 0083 and EL 0086).  Current instrumentation includes five spectrometers. Each instrument is configured with unique capabilities and optimized for a large variety of experiments to meet the needs of the interested research group.

Solution NMR

Solid-state NMR

Routine maintenance and repairs are provided by the NMR Facility staff and the CBC Instrumentation Support Group.

Higher field instruments optimized for bioNMR applications are part of the Campus Chemical Instrument Center (CCIC), managed and operated by the Office of Research.

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