Colleen Spees, Ph.D., R.D.

Assistant Lecturer, Medical Dietetics and Health Sciencescolleen_spees
Colleen Spees’ professional webpage

Dr. Colleen Spees serves as an Assistant Professor in the Division of Medical Dietetics & Health Sciences at The Ohio State University. Her primary focus of research involves targeting interventions aimed at providing optimal nutrition for cancer prevention and chronic disease in disparate populations. In this capacity, Dr. Spees has initiated multiple studies in collaboration with food pantries and health centers serving our most vulnerable. In addition, Dr. Spees is PI of OSU’s Food Innovation Center’s Hunger.FOOD.Health Food Security Initiative. Her team includes experts in social work, public health, nutrition, crop and food science, medicine, policy and business that seek to improve access to culturally appropriate, health-promoting foods for food insecure families by impacting food availability, food access, food quality, and food use. Dr. Spees is also a member of OSU’s Comprehensive Cancer Center. Her cancer laboratory focuses on evaluating biomarkers of nutritional and dietary interventions in experimental and human carcinogenesis. Her current projects include assessing nutritional and environmental exposures associated with cancer survivorship and individuals affected by germline mutations. Recently, Dr. Spees authored a book chapter on “Nutritional Genomics and Cancer” for the Oncology DPG. In 2011, she launched OSU’s first Nutritional Genomics graduate course in the College of Medicine.

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