About Michael Burkhardt

I am a part-time lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. By day, I’m a Data Scientist at Magellan Health. My earliest experience in computing was entering BASIC programs on the Commodore VIC-20 from code listings printed in magazines. The oldest surviving specimen of my work as an aspiring Computer Scientist was a horse race I co-wrote in 12th grade. (If you think running k-folds cross validation is slow, you should see what it was like to compile on the Apple IIe in 1989!)

I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Ohio State and a master’s degree in Data Science from Southern Methodist University. If the Buckeyes and Mustangs ever meet in football… Well, I try not to think about it.

I’ve written code in many languages for online systems, web development projects, system administration, and data mining tasks. These days, I do a lot of Python and R. I’ve coded in some ancient languages – Fortran and JCL come to mind, but not COBOL or LISP. I never actually dealt with punch cards. Before my Data Science days, I worked in the world of large systems integration with a specialization in IT infrastructure.

When I’m not doing this I do other stuff, mostly driving to and watching a lot of soccer games in the fall and spring. I try to stay informed about the world around me by listening to and reading the daily news, and continually scanning my Twitter feed. I also like magazines. I’ve tried to give them up, but I just can’t quit them. My current favorites are WiredVanity Fair, The Economist, and Foreign Affairs.

Special note to Computer Science majors (and others interested in the history of computing): I recommend that you read Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs. Even if you’re not a fan of Apple and Jobs, the opening chapters reveal a lot about how the world of personal computing came to be. Fore more book recommendations, see my books page.