About Michael Burkhardt

I am a part-time lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. I’ve been teaching at Ohio State since 2012. I’ve taught courses in system programming (CSE 3903), Web programming (CSE 3901), and problem solving using spreadsheets and databases (CSE 2111).

In my spare time (which is not all that plentiful) I try to work my way through the honeydew list. Unfortunately, it grows faster than I can work. I am involved in my daughters’ school, and I enjoy watching them play soccer—especially when the weather is nice. I try to stay informed about the world around me by listening to NPR, reading the Columbus Dispatch, and continually scanning my Twitter feed. I also like magazines. I’ve tried to give them up, but I just can’t quit them. I regularly read Utne Reader and The Atlantic, but my favorites are Vanity Fair and Monocle.

Special note to Computer Science majors (and others interested in the history of computing): I recommend that you read Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs. Even if you’re not a fan of Apple and Jobs, the opening chapters reveal a lot about how the world of personal computing came to be. If you happen to be among those who fear the overlords of our increasingly interconnected world, you might also enjoy The Circle, by Dave Eggers.