Proved: Exercise is good for the mind

Student Life’s Center for the Study at Ohio State recently conducted a study of students who either participated in group fitness classes or intramural sports.  The GPAs of these students were compared to those of the Ohio State population as a whole.

They found that those who participated in group fitness classes had a cumulative GPA that was higher by 0.18 then students who never participated.  Those who participated in intramural sports were higher by 0.17.

So, if you’re looking to boost your GPA check out the RPAC and get some exercise.

Read more about the study

Submitted by Tina Comston, M.Ed.

4 thoughts on “Proved: Exercise is good for the mind

  1. a research done in many places do find that exercise does affect students’ performance, even at my place malaysia too. the research has been done by my own stdnt and they did find positive correlation

    healthy life

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