For Your Safety – How to stay safe sharing the road

Jogging with tunes

In collaboration with the efforts being made by the Office of Student Life and the university as a whole, BuckMD wants to remind you about avoiding injuries on the streets and walkways here on campus. 

Did you know these TRAFFIC SAFETY FACTS (2009)

  • 72% of pedestrian fatalities occur in urban settings
  • 76% occur at non-intersections
  • 90% occur in normal weather, compared to rainy, snowy or foggy conditions 

So how do you maximize your safety, when our campus is so big and growing so vibrantly?

Check out:

Student Health Services is here for your bumps and bruises, but we would MUCH rather you stay safe as you travel our campus and avoid get hurt in the first place!!!

Look both ways!

Roger Miller, MD (OSU Student Health Services)