Got Gip? Feeling Giddy? Need to visit the Loo, then the A&E?

Go for the Gold

London sightseeing

July 27th – the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Olympics.  Are you packing your bags?  Before you go, take a look at these Tips for Healthy Travel from the CDC. 

Also, check those vaccine records – Measles is spreading in many European countries, including England.  A simple vaccination can protect you and avoid having you bring a infection back to share with friends along with your digital pictures of London Bridge. 

CDC urges that all travelers going to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games or Wimbledon in London (and to many other European destinations) be immunized against measles.  Usually, an MMR booster is all that would be needed, dependent on your previous vaccinations.

Don’t forget, Student Health Services offers comprehensive travel medicine visits for any destination, and will provide you with printed health and safety information for your reference.  We strongly encourage travelers to come in at least 6 weeks before their departure with ALL past immunization records if at all possible. 



Roger Miller, MD (OSU Student Health Services)