Finals Week ALREADY?!?

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My belly hurts!

The quarter flew by, and you have crammed all weekend for your exams.  Here are some tips for preparing your mind and body for a successful wrap-up of your courses.

  • Rest – Tough to do, when you are convinced that another hour staring at your calculus notes will make the difference, but getting a normal night’s sleep (6-8 hours) helps you avoid fatigue and drowsiness during your exam, and helps your brain assemble information more effectively.
  • Eat – Substitute complex carbs for high-sugar, high-caffeine drinks on the morning of the exam.  This helps you maintain a steady blood sugar level rather than dealing with peaks and valleys in your brain’s most important nutrient.
  • Relax – Give yourself an opportunity to chill, especially if your best friend is spazing about their exams – don’t let their nervousness infect you. 
  • DO your #1 and #2 – Look, you may have had some extra coffee or caffeinated soda the last couple days, and your eating may have been irregular. If you ignore getting a good mix of fiber and hydration, then it’s not surprising that things aren’t “moving” quite the ways they do normally. Try some apple juice as a natural stool softener, and go to the restroom.  It’s a good place to meditate, too.
  • No Rec Drugs – Some recreational drugs dull your mental functions even after the immediate highs have worn off.  Other prescription drugs are thought to be performance-enhancing for exams, but should never be used by anyone without a prescription, as there are known dangers in these drugs, as well.  A seizure or heart rhythm problem can be pretty disruptive to your exam.
  • Think “Winning” Thoughts – Okay, not the delusional Charlie Sheen-type ones, but give yourself a boost of confidence walking into the exam.  Remember, you are one smart Buckeye!

Good Luck this week!

Roger Miller, MD (OSU Student Health Services)