Where’s My Shot?


Q: Where can I find a regular flu shot?

A: Student Health is continuing our fall outreach with the seasonal (regular) flu vaccine until we use up our supply or you stop asking for it, whichever comes first.  A lot of places are short on the regular flu vaccine right now because several of the vaccine companies had to stop making it in order to make H1N1 vaccine.  Our regular flu season starts right around January, and we hope the vaccine supply will improve before then.

Q: When is Student Health going to give H1N1 shots?

A: Everything is in place for us to start giving these shots – all we need is the vaccine!  We’ll let you know as soon as it arrives.  Registering on the H1N1line (614-514-4161 or 4-4161 from a campus phone) will help us immensely in getting the vaccine to everyone who needs it.  If you are interested in getting the shot, please call to register.

Stay tuned on the SHS web page and flu.osu.edu for more updates.

Roger Miller, MD (Ohio State Student Health Services)