Last Call for Birth Control!

Q: I want to make sure I get my annual exam and birth control prescription done before I graduate. Can the Student Health Center help me? 

A: Yes. You can schedule an annual exam by calling 292-4321 to make an appointment. If you have the comprehensive OSU Student Health Insurance, coverage is provided for one routine gynecological exam per insurance plan year.

Q: I don’t have the OSU Student Health Insurance Plan. Can I still get routine women’s care at the Student Health Center.

A: Any student can be seen at the Student Health Center, regardelss of insurance coverage.  However, you should check with your insurance plan to see if they will cover an annual exam at the Health Center. We will gladly bill your insurance if you receive care here, but you may be responsible for paying a portion of the bill not covered by your insurance. 

Q: In the past, it has taken me 6 – 8 weeks to get an appointment for an annual exam in the Women’s Clinic. The quarter will be over by then. Is there still a long wait to get an appointment?

A: Great news!  Student Health Services recently added a new nurse practitioner to the clinical staff of Women’s Services.  Li-Chun Liu has 10 years of experience in the Women’s Health field and has really been a fantastic addition to our team.  With Li on board, there are now three providers in Women’s Services which has greatly enhanced appointment availability.  As of today, a graduating senior can get an appointment for a routine annual exam within 1-2 days!!  You’ll find that after you graduate, getting a new patient appointment for a routine annual exam with a private gynecology practice can take up to 3 months, so you would be much better off coming to see us before you leave Ohio State.  You’ll be all set with birth control for a year, which should give you plenty of time to find a new health care provider wherever you land. 

Q: That sounds great, but if I have my birth control prescription at the Student Health Center pharmacy, I won’t be able to get my refills after I graduate, right?

A: You can continue to use the Student Health Center pharmacy for one quarter after graduation. When you can no longer come here, all you have to do is choose a local pharmacy and give them the phone number of our pharmacy, the name of the medication and the prescription number. (All of this information can be found on the label of your prescription.) The new pharmacy will contact our pharmacy and transfer the balance of your prescription.