Are you for real?

When I was at orientation last fall quarter, a parent asked me if we had “real” doctors at the Student Health Center.  As opposed to what, I thought, fake doctors?  Imaginary doctors?  

First of all, I thought, if I was an imaginary doctor, I’d look like Dr. McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy.  But then she explained that since we are the “student” health center, she thought that everyone who worked here was a student.  Okaaay… I kind of get it.  Actually, that’s not a bad question.  So here’s the answer:

We’re all “real” at the Student Health Center.  Not just the doctors, but the dentists, the optometrists, the physical therapists and athletic trainers, the nurse practitioners and physicians assistant, the pharmacists, the radiographic technologists, the nurses, the medical assistants, the laboratory technicians, the administrators, the health information management folks…  Every single one of is real.  Got our degrees.  Fully licensed and certified.  Had all of our shots.

You may run into some students in health-care related fields working here – after all, as a member of this great university part of our job is to contribute to your education.  But rest assured that when you come to see us at the Student Health Center, you’re getting the real deal. 


John Vaughn, MD – OSU Student Health Services