Engineering in Healthcare: Industry and Research Symposium


  • Date: 2/8/2019
  • Time: 10:00am-4:30pm (Registration Begins at 9:00am)


The James Cancer Hospital

460 W 10th Ave, Columbus, OH 43210


On February 8th, 2019, we will be holding our 4th annual Engineering in Healthcare: Industry and Research Symposium (EH: I&RS). This event showcases exemplary research from engineering graduate and undergraduate students and facilitates networking between students, faculty, industry representatives, and the public.

The EH: I&RS is a prime event to gain a foothold in the OSU health care initiatives, increase your talent pool amongst students, develop new collaborations with faculty or promote new innovations in the field. Some of the major highlights of the day are as follows:

  • Industry keynote
  • Industry panel
  • Networking session/career fair for companies
  • OSU research breakout session to hear about and network with our labs
  • Industry-focused research fair for students to present their work

Company Registration

Please register here.


Digital copy: EH:I&RS


Please submit an abstract here by 12/21/18. 


EHIRS Program (2019)

Keynote Speaker

Colin Drummond

Industry Panelists

NanoFiber Solutions (rep Jed Johnson)
Lab-Ally LLC (rep Rob Day)