Below you will find a wide range of articles by Prof. Bielicki, with his research group, and with his collaborators.  More information on the projects producing these papers can be found in the Research page.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles (underline indicates student):

  1. Dai, Z., Zhang, Y., Stauffer, P., Bielicki, J., Amooie, M., Zhang, M., Yang, C., Zhou, Y., Ampomah, W., Xiao, T., Jia, W., Middleton, R., Zhang, W., Sun, Y., Moortgat, J., Soltanian, M., (Under Review, January 2018). “Heterogeneity-Enhanced Gravitational Trapping Opens Vast Resources for COSequestration in Offshore Marine Sediments.” Applied Energy.
  2. Tallis, H., Hawthorne, P., Polasky, S., Reid, J., Beck, M., Brauman, K., Bielicki, J., Binder, S., Burgess, M., Cassidy, E., Clark, A., Fargione, J., Game, E., Gerber, J., Isbell, F., Kiesecker, J., McDonald, R., Metian, M., Molnar, J., Mueller, N., O’Connell, C., Ovando, D., Troell, M., Boucher, T., McPeek, B., (Under Review, December 2017). “An Attainable Global Vision for Conservation and Human Well-Being.”  Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.
  3. Bielicki, J., Adams, B., Choi, H., Jamiyson, B., Saar, M., Taff, S., Buscheck, T., Ogland-Hand, J. (Under Revision, October 2017). “Engineering Cost-Competitive Geothermal Electricity from Geologic CO2 Storage.” Energy Conversion and Management.
  4. Bielicki, J., Langenfeld, J.Tao, Z., Middleton, R., Menefee, A., and Clarens, A. (Under Revision, October 2017). “The Geospatial and Economic Viability of CO2 Storage in Hydrocarbon Depleted Fractured Shale Formations.” International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control.
  5. Wang, Y., Sivandran, G., Bielicki, J. (2017). “The Stationarity of Two Statistical Downscaling Methods for Precipitation under Different Choices of Cross-Validation Periods.” International Journal of Climatology. Early View.
  6. Wang, Y.Bielicki, J. (2018). “Acclimation and the Response of Hourly Electricity Loads to Meteorological Variables.” Energy, 142, 473-485.
  7. Deng, H., Bielicki, J., Oppenheimer, M., Fitts, J., and Peters, C. (2017). “Leakage Risks of Geologic CO2 Storage and the Impacts on the Global Energy System and Climate Mitigation.” Climatic Change, 144(2), 151-163.
  8. Harp, D., Stauffer, P., O’Malley, D., Jiao, Z., Eganolf., E., Miller, T., Martinez, D., Hunter, K., Middleton, R., Bielicki, J., and Pawar, R. (2017) “Development of Robust Pressure Management Strategies for Geologic CO2 Sequestration.” International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 64, 43-59.
  9. Buscheck, T., Bielicki, J., White, J., Sun, Y., Hao, Y., Bourcier, W., Carroll, S., and Aines, R. (2016) “Pre-Injection Brine Production in CO2 Storage Reservoirs: An Approach to Augment the Development, Operation, and Performance of CCS while Generating Water.” International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 54(2), 499-512.
  10. Buscheck, T., Bielicki, J., Edmunds, T., Hao, T., Sun, Y., Randolph, J., and Saar, M. (2016). “Multi-Fluid Geo-Energy Systems: Using Geologic CO2 Storage for Geothermal Energy Production and Grid-Scale Energy Storage in Sedimentary Basins.” Geosphere, 12(3), 1-19.
  11. Bielicki, J., Pollak, M., Deng, H., Wilson, E., Fitts, J., and Peters, C. (2016)The Leakage Risk Monetization Model for Geologic CO2 Storage.” Environmental Science & Technology, 50(10), 4923-4931.
  12. Buscheck, T., White, J., Carroll, S., Bielicki, J., and Aines, R. (2016) “Managing Geologic Storage with Pre-Injection at  Brine Production: A Strategy Evaluated with a Model of CO2 Injection Snøhvit.” Energy & Environmental Science, 9(1), 1504-1512.
  13. Buscheck, T., and Bielicki, J. (2015). “Reducing Energy’s Footprint by Producing Water and Storing CO2.”  Cornerstone, 3(3), Autumn 2015. (editor-reviewed).
  14. Wattenberg, E., Bielicki, J., Suchomel, A.Sweet, J.Vold, E., and Ramachandran, G. (2015). “Assessment of Acute and Chronic Health Hazards of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids.” Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, 12(9), 611-624.
  15. Middleton, R., Levine, J., Bielicki, J., Visanawathan, H., Carey, J.W., and Stauffer, P. (2015). “Jumpstarting Commercial-Scale CO2 Capture and Storage with Ethylene Production and Enhanced Oil Recovery in the U.S. Gulf.” Greenhouse Gases: Science and Technology, 5(3), 241-253.
  16. Bielicki, J., Peters, C., Fitts, J., and Wilson, E., (2015). “An Examination of Geologic Carbon Sequestration Policies in the Context of Leakage Potential.” International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 37, 61-75.
  17. Adams, B., Kuehn, T., Bielicki, J., Randolph, J., and Saar, M. (2015). “A Comparison of the Electric Power Output of CO2 Plume Geothermal (CPG) and Brine Geothermal Systems for Varying Reservoir Conditions.” Applied Energy, 140, 365-377.
  18. Middleton, R., Clarens, A., Liu, X., Bielicki, J., and Levine, J. (2014). “CO2 Deserts: Implications of Existing CO2 Supply Limitations for Carbon Management.” Environmental Science & Technology, 48, 11713-11720.
  19. Paine, N., Homans, F., Pollak, M., Bielicki, J., and Wilson, E., (2014). “Why Rules Matter: Optimizing Pumped Hydroelectric Storage Under Different ISO Markets.” Energy Economics, 46, 10-19.
  20. Bielicki, J.Calas, G., Ha-Duong, M., Middleton, R. (2014). “National Corridors for Climate Change Mitigation: Managing Industrial CO2 Emissions in France.” Greenhouse Gases: Science and Technology, 4(3), 262-277.
  21. Adams, B., Kuehn, T., Bielicki, J., Randolph, J., and Saar, M, (2014). “On the Importance of the Thermosiphon Effect in CO2 Plume Geothermal (CPG) Power Systems”. Energy., 69, 409-418.
  22. Bielicki, J., Pollak, M., Fitts, J., Peters, C., and Wilson, E. (2014). “Causes and Financial Consequences of the Impacts of Leakage from Geologic CO2 Storage Reservoirs.International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 20, 272-284.
  23. Haase, R., Bielicki, J., and Kuzma, J. (2013). “Innovation in Emerging Energy Technologies: A Case Study Analysis to Inform the Path Forward for Algal Biofuels.” Energy Policy, 61, 1595-1607.
  24. Parish, E., Efroymson, R., Dale, V., Dodder, R., Kline, K., McBride, A., Johnson, T., Hilliard, M., and Bielicki, J. (2013). “Comparing Scales of Environmental Effects from Gasoline and Ethanol Production.” Environmental Management. 51, 307-338.
  25. Efroymson, R., Dale, V., Kline, K., McBride, A., Bielicki, J., Smith, R., Parish, E., Schweizer, P. Kline, K., Shaw, D. (2013). “Environmental Indicators of Biofuel Sustainability: What About Context?Environmental Management. 51, 291-306.
  26. Johnson, T., Bielicki, J., Dodder, R., Hilliard, M., Kaplan, O., Miller, C.A. (2013). “Advancing Sustainable Bioenergy: Evolving Stakeholder Interests and the Relevance of Research.” Environmental Management. 51, 331-353.
  27. Lilliestam, J., Bielicki, J., and Patt, A. (2012). “Comparing Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) with Concentrated Solar Power (CSP): Potentials, Costs, Risks, and Barriers.” Energy Policy. 47, 447-455.
  28. Middleton, R., Kuby, M. and Bielicki. J.  (2012). “Generating Candidate Networks for Optimization: The CO2 Capture and Storage Optimization Problem.Computers, Environment, and Urban Systems. 36, 18-29.
  29. Dammel, J., Bielicki, J., Pollak, M., and Wilson, E. (2011). “A Tale of Two Technologies: Hydraulic Fracturing and Geologic Carbon Sequestration.Environmental Science & Technology, 45, 5075-5076.
  30. Kuby, M., Bielicki, J., and Middleton, R. (2011). “The Optimal Spatial Deployment of CO2 Capture and Storage with a Price on Carbon.International Regional Science Review, 3, 285-305.
  31. Middleton, R., and Bielicki, J. (2009). “A Scaleable Infrastructure Model for Carbon Capture and Storage: SimCCS.Energy Policy, 37, 1052-1060.
  32. Palumbo, R., Lede, J., Boutin, O., Ricart, E., Steinfeld, A., Moller, S., Weidenkaff, A., Fletcher, E., and Bielicki, J. (1998). “The Production of Zn from ZnO in a High Temperature Solar Decomposition Process – The Scientific Framework for the Process.Chemical Engineering Science. 53(14), 2503-2517.

Conference Papers and Proceedings:

  1. Hunter, K., Bielicki, J., Middleton, R., Stauffer, P., Harp, D., Pawar, R., Martinez, D. (2017). “Integrated CO2 Storage and Brine Production.” Energy Procedia, 114, 6331-6336.
  2. Ogland-Hand, J., Bielicki, J., Buscheck, T. (2017). “The Value of CO2-Bulk Energy Storage to Reducing CO2 Emissions.” Energy Procedia, 114, 6886-6892.
  3. Langenfeld, J., Bielicki, J., Tao, Z., Middleton, R., Menefee, A., Clarens, A. (2017) “Response of Integrated Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Systems in Saline Aquifers and Fractured Shale Formations to Changes in Capture Costs.” Energy Procedia, 114, 4099-4105.
  4. Langenfeld, J.,, Bielicki, J. (2017). “Assessment of Integrated Carbon Dioxide Capture, Utilization and Storage Systems in Geothermal Reservoirs.” Energy Procedia, 114, 7009-7017.
  5. Bielicki, J., Deng, H., Fitts, J., Peters, C., Wilson, E. (2017). “Monetizing Leakage Risk with Secondary Trapping in Intervening Strategraphic Layers.” Energy Procedia, 114, 4256-4261.
  6. Garapati, N., Adams, B., Bielicki, J., Schädle, P., Randolph, J., Kuehn, T., Saar, M. (2017). “A Hybrid Geothermal Energy Conversion Technology – A Potential Solution for Shallow Geothermal Resources.” Energy Procedia, 114, 7107-7177.
  7. Middleton, R., Levine, J., Bielicki, J., Stauffer, P. (2017). “Industrial CO2 and Carbon Capture: Near-Term Benefit, Long-Term Necessity.” Energy Procedia, 114, 7601-7605.
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  9. Buscheck, T., Bielicki, J., White, J., Sun, Y., Hao, Y., Bourcier, W., Carroll, S., Aines, R. (2017). “Managing Geologic CO2 Storage with Pre-Injection Brine Production in Tandem Reservoirs.” Energy Procedia, 114, 4757-4764.
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  12. Bielicki, J., Blackwell, D., Harp, D., Karra, S., Kelley, S., Kelley, R., Middleton, R., Person, M., Sutula, G. (2016). “Hydrogeologic Windows and Estimating the Prospectivity of Geothermal Resources.”  Proceedings of the 41st Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford CA, February 22-24, 2016. SGP-TR-209.
  13. Patel, I., Bielicki, J.,  Buscheck, T., (2016). “A Reduced Form Representation of Temperature Drawdown in Sedimentary Basin Geothermal Reservoirs for the Development of Optimal Management Strategies.” Proceedings of the 41st Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford CA, February 22-24, 2016. SGP-TR-209.
  14. Ogland-Hand, J., Bielicki. J., Buscheck, T. (2016). “The Value of Bulk Energy Storage in Sedimentary Basin Geothermal Resources for Reducing CO2 Emissions.” Proceedings of the 41st Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford CA, February 22-24, 2016. SGP-TR-209.
  15. Person, M., Kelley, S., Kelley, R., Karra, S., Harp, D., Witcher, J., Bielicki, J.Sutula, G., Middleton, R., Pepin, J. (2015). “Hydrogeologic Windows: Detection of Blind and Traditional Geothermal Play Fairways in Southwestern New Mexico Using Conservative Element Concentrations and Advective-Diffusive Solute Transport.”  39th Geothermal Resources Council,  Annual Meeting. Reno NV. September 20-23. GRC Transactions, 39, 751-759.
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  17. Saar, M., Buscheck, T., Jenny, P., Garapti, N., Randolph, J., Karvounis, D., Chen, M., Sun, Y., and Bielicki, J. (2015). “Numerical Study of Multi-Fluid and Multi-Level Geothermal Fluid Systems.” Proceedings World Geothermal Congress 2015. Melbourne Australia, 19-25 April 2015.
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