Ashley Matheny

Hometown: Vienna, West VirginiaWV-DNR



Bachelor of Science (Civil Engineering – structural), Ohio State University

Bachelor of Arts (Spanish), Ohio State University

Master of Science (Civil Engineering – hydrology), Ohio State University

PhD Candidate, Civil and Environmental Engineering, The Ohio State University (2013 – present)


Experience: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Civil Design), Huntington, WV (summers 2009, 2012, 2013)


Research Interests:

My PhD research focuses on understanding and modeling transpiration from forested ecosystems. Transpiration from terrestrial ecosystems forms the critical link between the carbon and water cycles, but is not currently well represented by land-surface models. My work explores how hydrodynamic stress, species specific properties, and disturbance influence this flux. At the University of Michigan Biological Station, I conduct sap flow measurements in disturbed and undisturbed forest areas; I use these experimental results and eddy covariance measurements to conduct tree level hydrodynamic simulations of water flux. Using remote sensing data, we can scale these tree scale simulations to the plot level. Eventually, this type of tree hydrodynamic model will be incorporated into land-surface models to reduce error in simulated water and carbon fluxes.


My work with the Army Corps of Engineers includes environmental mitigation, restoration, and protection of wetlands, rivers, and streams. The most recent project I helped to design is a stream bank restoration and riparian corridor reestablishment effort on the South Fork of the New River in Boone, NC that will be constructed in the summer of 2014.



Marian P. and David M. Gates Fellowship 2014

University Fellowship 2010-2011

Distinguished Graduate Student Award W.I.E. 2011

Beanie Drake Student Leadership Endowment 2010


Other Interests:

Water skiing, wake boarding, rock climbing, ballroom dance, baking, and ice hockey

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