Below are the courses that are included in the Buckeye Generation Learning Community program for Spring 2020. These have not been confirmed and are subject to change.

BGLC Group Studies (ASC 2194 – 1 credit) – M 9:10am-10:05am, OR M 12:45pm-1:40pm, OR M 1:55pm-2:50pmĀ 

You will only be in one section of this course, 9:10am-10:05am, 12:45pm-1:40pm, or 1:55pm-2:50pm.

There are 120 students in the learning community, and 40 students will be scheduled into each section.

This course further develops skills needed to be successful in both college and in the workforce.

This course is required for all BGLC students,and is an elective course.


Art and Music Since 1945 (Art Education 1600 – 3 credits) M/W 9:35am-10:55am, OR M/W 11:10am-12:30pm, OR M/W 2:20pm-3:40pm.


You will only be in one section of this course beginning at 9:35am, 11:10am, or 2:20pm.

A survey of the visual arts and music in the western world since 1945, based on live and recorded performances and exhibitions.

Fulfills the General Education Visual & Performing Arts (VPA)