Bees in Your Backyard

Bees in Your Backyard Workshop Locations: All sessions are 9AM to 4PM.

Sponsored by: The Dawes Arboretum, The Ohio State University Bee Lab, Stratford Ecological Center, and The University of Mount Union.

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Workshop Materials and Resources


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Thanks for asking….links from workshop participants’ questions

Studies and resources mentioned:

Workshop handouts, Powerpoints and links:

Common Ohio Bees, OSU Bee Lab check list

Ohio Introductory small handout

Ohio Bee ID Part 1 handout

Ohio Bee ID Part 2 handout


Olivia’s ppt programs, Part 1 and Part 2. To download or print, click on settings wheel at the bottom of each frame:


Bee Genera of Eastern Canada, key

Discover Life bee key

Bee Biology and ID

Apoidea of Maryland, images and descriptions from Sam Droege

Bee Basics: an Introduction to Our Native Bees, Pollinator Partnership and USDA Forest Service

Bee Genera Cards, The Great Sunflower Project

Bees of Maryland: A Field Guide, North American Native Bee Collaborative

Bumble Bee ID Manual, MN Bee Lab

Bumble Bee keys, Beespotter

Conserving Wild Bees in Pennsylvania: Penn State University

Native Bee Benefits: Bryn Mawr College and Rutgers University:

Native Bees, Wild Bees and Solitary Bees: University of Minnesota

Pictoral Guide to Common NYC Bees, Kevin Matteson

Supporting Native Bees: Our Essential Pollinators, University of Wisconsin-Extension

Specialist bees of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States (including host plants), Droege and Fowler

Understanding Native Bees: University of Maine

The Very Handy Bee Manual, Sam Droege et. al.

Wild Bees of New York, Sharp-Eatman Nature Photography

Wild Pollinators of Eastern Apple Orchards and How to Conserve Them: Cornell University