Bees in Your Backyard 2018

Bees in Your Backyard:

Spotting, Collecting and Identifying Ohio Bees


Olivia Carril has been studying bees for over 20 years, and is the co-author of The Bees in Your Backyard, A Field Guide to North America’s Bees.



Workshop Materials and Resources 

Ohio Bee Introduction lecture PDF

More information about the Ohio Bee Atlas

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Bee Phenology, MidAtlantic slide share set 

Bee Genera of Eastern Canada, Laurence Packer’s key

Bee Phenology, MidAtlantic slide share set

CO2 levels and pollen quality

Detecting bombs using bees

Discover Life key to bee genera

Karen Goodell’s research at The Wilds

Osmia key, Mike Arduser

Sam Droege’s Handy Bee Manual

Specialist bees of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States (including host plants), Droege and Fowler

USGS Lab Free hi resolution pictures of bees under copyright free creative Commons license.

Addictive bee ID game

Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation resources

Walmart and pollinating drone patent

Zombie bees