Grazing Bites for December 2016

– Victor Shelton, NRCS State Agronomist/Grazing Specialist

Winter is upon us. At least that is what the weatherman keeps saying. We have been blessed with really good fall conditions in most areas. Some areas could have benefited from a little bit more rain in October and early November, but for the most part, soil moisture levels were pretty good across Indiana. I am pleased with the fall forage growth and the amount of stockpiled forage. We have now seen cold enough temperatures, at least for the most part, to assume that we are now dealing with dormant forage.

If possible and practical, it is best to Continue reading

What’s in a Number?

John F. Grimes, OSU Extension Beef Coordinator

I have to admit that statistics was not my favorite class in college.  I don’t remember my final grade but I do remember being satisfied that I received a passing grade and would not have to re-take the class.  This small part of my past is in direct contrast to how I view statistics today.  I have always enjoyed following sports statistics as a hobby.  However, my career and farming interests have made me appreciate the importance of beef industry statistics.

The United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) annually provides important statistical data about Continue reading

Kentucky Beef Cattle Market Update, October 2015

– Dr. Kenny Burdine, Livestock Marketing Specialist, University of Kentucky

As I was starting to write this month’s market update, I naturally went back and read what I wrote last month. The irony is that the October CME© feeder cattle futures contract is actually trading slightly lower than it was when I wrote last month’s article. However, in some ways, more optimism seems to be in the air now than back in Continue reading

Corn, Beans, Wheat and Cows . . . Who Says That Rotation Can’t Work?

Stan Smith, OSU Extension PA, Fairfield County

I think I’ve told this story before, but considering the discussion that follows, it’s appropriate to mention it again. Dad was a mechanic for a local farm implement dealer. Once while out on a service call in mid summer he asked the farmer if he’d gotten all his hay made. The response – in a slow German accent – was, “Yes, I got it made . . . but it rained so much, I was never able to get it baled.”

Despite that being the case in some parts of Ohio earlier this summer, the fact is that we still have an abundance of feedstuffs available that will maintain beef cows cost effectively if Continue reading

The Shorter the Better!

John F. Grimes, OSU Extension Beef Coordinator

The title of this article could apply to many things in our everyday life if you think about it. Nobody likes a long wait at our favorite restaurant, a long visit at the doctor’s office, long lines while attending an amusement park, or the long number of days waiting on a potential tax-refund from the IRS. You get the idea. Something else that should fall in the “shorter the better” category for beef producers is the breeding season. Regardless of the size and scope of your operation or your preferred time of year to calve, there is little economic justification Continue reading