Columbus To-Do List #2 and #3

The second place in Columbus I decided to explore was Simply Rolled. It’s located in the Short North, which was very easy to access. There have been many times that I was just scrolling along on Facebook and came across a video of people rolling ice-cream. This fascinated me and I NEEDED to try it; therefore, I was super excited to go explore Simply Rolled. Thus far, Simply Rolled is my favorite Columbus experience and I’ve learned that Columbus is even more unique and fun than I expected it to be. The ice-cream there has an amazing taste and is in a fun form. They also have wonderful combinations on the menu. I would highly recommend trying Simply Rolled to any of my friends, family, or even a stranger. It’s the perfect place for someone with a sweet tooth.


My third Columbus To-Do list item is very different compared to the rest. I decided to mix it up a little and switch from my theme area to something else. For my third experience, I visited the Columbus Zoo! We had a zoo back home, but I’ve never been to the Columbus one before! My HES friend, Avery, and I decided to go one Sunday, since she lives around here and knows the area rather well. I love the zoo and the Columbus zoo is by far the best I’ve been to before. I would highly recommend going here for a day and seeing what it has to offer!

Artifacts #1 & #2

Artifact #1

Pictured in the photo above are some of my favorite people from back home. My mom works in the MH room at my high school; therefore, I spent so much time with these kids. They truly do know how to make me smile. These kids have had a huge impact on what career field I want to go into. I enjoy being around them, as well as helping them, which is why I am choosing to pursue a career in occupational therapy. This “artifact” describes who I am as a person simply by showing my compassion for people with, or without, a disability.

Artifact #2

Something that I’m involved in at Ohio State is H2O church. Back home, I wasn’t consistent in going to church and didn’t enjoy the way my church did things. During my second week living in Columbus, a few of my friends and I decided to go try H2O church and we loved it! Sunday service truly does help me get ready for the week! Being away from home is super hard on me, but being apart of an amazing church makes me not feel so alone. This “artifact” describes who I am by showing the importance of continuing my story with Jesus in college.

About Me #2- My Strengths

According to my strengths insight report, my top five strengths are restorative, relator, responsibility, discipline, and includer.

I agree that I am restorative because I love to solve problems. I don’t mean math problems, but rather problems dealing with people instead. I dread conflict; therefore, I try solving problems before they even arise.

I also agree that I am a relator because if someone talks to me about their problem, I think of ways in which I can relate to them, and then I try to help them solve their problem.

I agree that I also have the strength of responsibility because I am consistently committed on getting things done.

I also agree that one of my strengths is discipline because I constantly discipline myself with school. I know that I can’t go out and have fun with friends unless all of my school work is done. I make a daily list of what I need to do and I make sure I follow that list.

My final strength is an includer. From personal experiences, I know what it’s like to not be included in things; therefore, I make certain that I include people and never make them feel left out.

Columbus To-Do List #1

The theme I’ve picked for my Columbus To-Do list is the always delicious, Ice cream and Desserts. I’m extremely excited for this assignment because I really want to explore all the different places in Columbus for people with a sweet tooth like myself. My main goal for this assignment is simply to find more places to go out with friends if we’re all in the mood for something sweet. I hope to find unique dessert places in Columbus that you can’t find anywhere else.

One experience I’ve had so far is famous Jeni’s Ice Cream. Although I’ve had this before with my scholars group, I wanted to go back and take my friend along! I spoke very highly of Jeni’s to her; therefore, she was very excited to go with me. My favorite part about Jeni’s is all the different, unique flavors they have there. They are honestly one of a kind and they taste amazing! I talked to one of the server’s at Jeni’s about the different kinds they had and he told me something that I found very interesting. Jeni’s “pumpkin 5-spice” ice cream tastes more like black licorice rather than pumpkin because of the mixture of spices.

I would highly recommend Jeni’s to anyone interested in trying a new, unique flavor of ice cream. The prices are affordable, and the tastes are delightful.