Ariel Newark Campus
I’m Ferdinand, Learning Specialist at The Ohio State University in Newark. My main role on our campus is to provide students advice and resources to enhance their learning inside and outside of the classroom. Some of the knowledge areas of support include: study skills, time management, note taking, test taking strategies, and learning through technology. My services are offered in a variety of formats: workshops, classroom presentations, on-demand online seminars and individualized assistance via in-person and online meetings.

Also, I teach ES EPSY 1259, Learning and Motivation Strategies for Success. ES EPSY 1259 helps students develop the academic beliefs and behaviors essential to success in college. More than just a study-skills course, ES EPSY 1259 helps students become strategic learners in the college environment. The course is framed in educational psychology principles and research, and students learn both practical skills and the theory that supports them.

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