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Upward Bound is an educational opportunity program of the U.S. Department of Education. The program provides many activities and services to eligible high school students who want to go to college. The Ohio State ATI Upward Bound serves students at:

Orrville Senior High School, Orrville
McKinley Senior High School, Canton
Timken Early College, Canton
Wooster High School, Wooster

Ohio State ATI Upward Bound

Success Statement 2015

Since 2008, 82% of the students who participated in our program enrolled in college.
(The national average for enrolling in college right after high school for low-income students is 55%.)

Of those students who entered college, 54% have graduated or are still working towards a college degree.
(The national graduation rate (within six years of enrolling right after high school) for low-income, first-generation students is 11%.)


Upcoming Events


July 5, 2017: Ohio Light Opera House!


10:00 am: Bus Departs Timken Commons
10:40 am: Bus departs Orrville High School
11:00 am: All arrive at Andrew’s hall, College of Wooster.
Check in and unpack.  Dress for the Opera!
11:45 am: Board Bus for ATI
12:00 pm: Lunch at Café Carmen
12:45 pm: Head start on reapplications–Computer Lab
1:30 pm: Board bus for the Opera
1:45 pm: Arrive at Freelander Theater
2:00 pm: “The Music Man” begins
4:00 pm: Pictures with cast and group pictures
5:30 pm: Dinner at Lowry Center
6:30 pm: Bowling and other games at Scot Lanes
7:30 pm: Student Council in Lowry Pit or Andrews Lounge
8:15 pm: Outdoor sports or Activities
9:30 pm: Return to Andrews Hall at College of Wooster!


Rain Plan: have vans availible to shuttle students from Freelander Theater to Dorm to Lowry and back.  Have plans for alternate activities if outdoor sports are not possible.

For more details about all events, see the Upward Bound calendar.