10 Opportunities to Spend “A Day in the Woods” in 2016

The Education and Demonstration Committee of the the Vinton Furnace State (Experimental) Forest is pleased to announce the following tentative program calendar for 2016. We’ll post a brochure once we work out a few more of the details.

May 13th  Spring edibles – The focus of this program will be on understory herbaceous plants and fungi.

June 10th   Building and Maintaining Woodland Roads and Trails.   Off-site, Hocking State Forest Cabin.  This will be field-based, hands on, get dirty and sweaty program.   Topics will include Best Management practices, trail/road layout and design, maintenance etc.

July 8th Periodical cicadas: How do they affect our trees, woods and wildlife?  2016 is the year for the 17 year cicada.  Although this program will occur after they cicadas have come and gone they will be fresh on our minds and there should be lots of evidence of their visit. We’ll also explore other examples of arthropods and their interactions with trees, forests and wildlife.  (e.g. ticks, mice, deer and humans; and hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA), hemlock and songbirds

Bonus-July 22nd  Summer Tree Identification– Off-site at Hocking College.  The emphasis of this program will be identification based on leaf characteristics.

August 12th   Preparing your woods for an uncertain future. With all of the uncertainty in the future (extreme weather events, invasive species, global markets etc.) it is important to have woods that are diverse and healthy. This program will focus on steps that you can take to manage the risks to your woodland.

Bonus-August 26th   Streams and Streamside Forests.  Off-site, the location to be determined (Raccoon Creek Watershed).  Topics covered will include water quality, watersheds and watershed management, riparian forest buffers, aquatic organisms, electro fishing demo, human impacts etc.

September 9th  Interactions Among Wildlife Populations and Humans. This program will look at wildlife population trends and their relationships to habitat changes due to natural and human caused disturbances, effects of hunting and trapping, introduction of non-natives etc.

October 14th  Propagating Native Trees, Shrubs and Herbs .  Off-site Wayne National Forest HQ, Nelsonville.  Learn how to collect, treat and plant the seeds of woody and herbaceous plants

November 4th  A Night in the Forest.  Focus on night skies (Weather permitting), owls and mammals.

November 18th  Winter Tree Identification. Off site at Canter’s Cave 4-H Camp near Jackson.

Day in Woods Logos 2016-web

Notice the addition of the Tree Farm Logo. The Ohio Tree Farm Committee and Glatfelter both recently made a generous donations to support our educational efforts in 2016. Thanks!


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