Central Ohio AFS to Visit OSU 10-18-2018

The Central Ohio American Foundry Society will visit The Ohio State Foundry Club Thursday (10-18-2018)  The meeting will be held in 161 MacQuigg Hall and is open to everyone!  Food will be provided for students.  Come check out what is going on in the OSU Foundry Club!


When: Thursday (10-18-2018)

Where: 160 MacQuigg Hall

Time: 6-8PM


Please e-mail Colin (ridgeway.38@osu.edu) if you have any questions!


Walters Wins OSU’s 2nd FEF Non-Ferrous Scholarship

It has just been announced that Jacqui Walters has won the 2018 FEF Non-Ferrous Founders’ Society Scholarship.  This scholarship has a value of $1,000 and is given to students based on their education, work experience and an essay prompt.

Jacqui becomes the second OSU recipient of this award behind Adam Hodges who won this award in 2015.

Congrats Jacqui!

Time in the Foundry

Some of our new and old members had a blast yesterday morning making aluminum stadiums and book ends. They learned some techniques to make the most successful casings and had fun while doing it.  Join us for our next time in the foundry on Tuesday, February 6th from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM!

Columbus Blue Jackets Fundraiser

Join the American Foundry Society: Buckeye Student Chapter at the Columbus Blue Jackets v. San Jose Sharks hockey game on Friday, February 2nd at 7:00 PM at Nationwide Arena to cheer for your favorite team!  A portion of your ticket will be donated back to the organization so we can host new and exciting events!

Tickets can be purchased for $40 and seats are located in the lower bowl Section 119 (Rows R and U), Section 120 (Rows T and U), and Section 121 (Rows R, S, and T).  Purchase tickets here!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Casting Tutorial and Ideas


Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year here at OSU!

I hope the time off has helped rejuninate you and you’re ready to get back in the foundry with lots of new creative ideas!  This semester we hope to try lots of new ideas for making new and exciting castings.  If you need something to get your creative side started, please check out the link below!  It is also a great tutorial on sand casting in general for our new members!

Pirate Sword Casting

Sturgis Wins H.H. Harris Award

Rising Senior. Elizabeth Sturgis was just announced as the winner of the H.H. Harris Foundation Scholarship!  This award comes with great recognition and $1,000.  Elizabeth is currently completing her 2nd year as an intern at ArcelorMittal in Chicago.

Congrats Elizabeth!

Officer Shadowing

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an officer of the foundry club?  Are you interested in becoming an officer next year but aren’t sure if you’re ready for it?

You now have an opportunity to shadow the vice chair or treasurer to learn all about these positions.  This is a great way to prepare yourself for elections and really understand what all the position entails.

There are many benefits of becoming an officer, one of which includes the ability to be able to pour in the foundry.  You are also able to network with many of your peers and those within the foundry industry.  We set up professional development meetings and tours where we work closely with local foundry professionals.

We highly encourage you to reach out if you have any questions!  Visit our officer page for contact information.  If you’re interested in either position, please fill out the following survey.

Blue Jackets Fundraiser Night


Join the Foundry Club on Friday, November 18th at 7 p.m. as the Columbus Blue Jackets take on the New York Rangers! Tickets can be purchased here, and $7 from each ticket come back to our club.

Please contact Tori Hicks at hicks.462@osu.edu with any questions.

AFS Central Ohio Chapter Scholarship Announcement

The AFS Central Ohio Chapter has sent out its applications for its annual scholarship.  This year it will be awarding 2 scholarships of a value of $1,500 each.  The criterion on which it is judged is as follows:
– Two short written essays
– Academic Performance
– Career goals/ Future Aspirations
– Involvement in AFS

We highly encourage all of you to apply today!

Please click HERE for Applications!

AFS Central Ohio Chapter Winter Party Update!

Have you been hearing about these “comic-con castings” that we have been casting? Still haven’t found out what they were for? They were for the AFS local chapter annual winter party last Saturday night. I had the pleasure of getting to go to this with my fiancé (I know, how romantic right?) and ended up having such a great time. I was able to see our creations that were casted down in our foundry on display on tables at the event. Everyone was very impressed with them, so good job!

I basically went into the party knowing some faces from the chapter, but not actually knowing anyone. To make matters worse, my fiancé is extremely shy and does not like to come outside of her box. If wasn’t long, however, until we got to our and instantly connected with the fellow tablemates. Everyone acted as though they had known me for years and really appreciated me being there. This is exactly what the foundry industry is about. It is one big family.

To sum things up, I ended up winning a door prize, got to eat STEAK, and made so many new friends. I wanted to post and write this on here to encourage anyone to get involved, especially with our local chapter!