SNAP: Thursday

Well today started rough. You know how I ended up pulling 48 hours of no sleep? I ended up going to the Undergraduate Student Office in the Union and talking with someone I met as I did some homework. I went to sleep at 2am and woke up at 7:30. Then, I spent 8-11:30 ish on the oval dancing around, sipping hot chocolate, saying ‘Hi’ to people and offering them hot chocolate. From there I hobbled my frozen body into Thompson and thawed. I couldn’t type properly for half an hour it was pretty rough. I then had my first meal of the day at 12:00 ish, which was soup and a banana. For some reason I can not find the Chicken tortilla soup in the net nutrition page. In any case, after I ate, I decided to go and cuddle up in bed and do homework to balance out how much time I spent outside. For dinner, I had a chicken burger from the Creamery:




So I am pretty sure I am under 1000 calories for today, and I can feel it. I feel very heavy a lot of the times and it isn’t at all pleasant. It also is hard for me to focus and working out is something I am avoiding because it would take away from me maximizing my calories for basic functions… I mean, I AM shaking a little constantly. Life is pretty rough. It makes me think about the countless number of people that have to deal with waiting for meals every day, having to space out what they eat in order to preserve what little of themselves function. I am feeling the wear and tear of it all. This Friday and Saturday I will take cheat meals due to the progressive deterioration of my well being.


We will see!


SNAP: Tuesday and Wednesday

So I am currently running on nearly 48 hours of no sleep due to being busy out of my mind ( yes I am ok) but I at least want to document to you how I have been doing and how I have been feeling. Just please ignore all of my grammatical and spelling errors for now, I will go back and fix it.


So Tuesday I was sick in the morning, I felt very physically ill and I couldn’t get myself out of bet until nearly 11. I then went out and campaigned on the oval for an hour before class, then afterwards I gave myself some me time before I went to start sorting through Academic Enrichment Grant Applications. I was feeling pretty off most of the day. I starting feeling pretty hungry. My breakfast was more nutritional, the Tropical Greens smoothie from Cafe Juice, but I lost out on  calories. I then wanted General Tso from Marketplace on Niel again to make me feel better. My food count was way down compared to Monday.


Like this diagram on the left is not ok, whatsoever. Not healthy. Moving on though last night I pulled an  all nighter to get all 1 26 Academic Enrichment Grant applications generally processed and set up for grading. AEG  grants are up over 200% in submissions  compared to last semester’s cycle. I also studied for a written essay and finished  a paper.  Then, I went to change and grab some Wednesday breakfast. I really craved tea and caffeine, so I got myself a large hot green tea, a banana, and a chocolate muffin for breakfast at Berry Cafe. Afterwards I carried 50 lbs of sandbags for a tent for the campaign team I am on, bad idea. Yes, I used to be able to lift weights, used.

I was campaigning for my team and my friend Sarah who knows I am doing SNAP went and got me apple slices and peanut butter at Berry Cafe because she’s a complete sweetheart. I had the apple out of good graces, but it made me think; she knows I’m doing this just because it’s the SNAP challenge, however, what if this was my real situation? What if I couldn’t afford this?

I think I wouldn’t be talking about it, whatsoever, food insecurity isn’t something you talk about in a country driven by meritocracy where even looking insecure can deprive you of your ability to succeed. So my goal is to not even mention it to my friends at all that I am doing this challenge for the rest of the week, I want to see what their perception of me is- and if you are reading this my friends, don’t think about it.

For most of the day I was extremely cold and trying not to think about how hungry I was. It worked because I had a lot to turn in and also an in class assignment. Additionally, I had a good conversation with my one professor about a research topic regarding generalized interpretations of movement and it’s links to violence. I then went to work on more campaigning stuff and then AEG grants, then advocated at a student organization about the campaign team I am on. While I was able to distract myself, it didn’t stop me from feeling  feeling awful the entire time. I was so happy to get a gyro in the Union and guzzle down more water. It doesn’t feel like enough though.

Now the Union is closing, and I should probably go sleep for a couple hours at least. Here’s the nutrition plot for what I ate Wednesday- A LOT BETTER thanks to the GYRO. Thank you greeks both here at OSU and over in Greece! Also thank you Sarah for being kind and getting me some food!








Also because I am so sleep deprived just so I don’t forget: note to self GA next week.


Anyways happy SNAP challege… even though I am starting to really feel the physical effects of it!

SNAP: Monday


So I woke up this morning at 7:30 and got myself to go work on the Undergraduate Student Government campaign team I am on. At 9 I was done and had to go finish prepping for an exam I was taking at 10:20. Before this all started, I thought to myself what the most calorie dense options I could get for 5 dollars if I were to split 10 dollars into two meals. I guessed a chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie from the RPAC and a General Tso’s from Marketplace on Neil.


This was me this morning before I did a last minute study session in Thompson. Before I had the smoothie I was feeling really sluggish. I normally have a morning cup of tea. I got through my exam fine, found out later on that I got an A on the paper! After that test I had two other classes back to back, and once I hit 2pm, I started to feel hungry. After my meeting at 3, which ended at 4:30, I was extremely hungry so I quickly ran over to get the General Tso’s and an apple. I wanted Tso’s because I thought it was the most calorie dense and an apple was the only item I could find for .75 cents to add on to the 4.25 Full Tso’s.


Godsend. I ate it slowly and drank a lot of water in between to slow myself down. My energy was partially restored. After eating I did some homework and then headed over to the USG debates which went well! I felt pretty okay throughout the event. Now that I am back from my dorm and writing, I do feel a slight sense of hunger, but I am okay. However, here is my calorie count for today.




I only got to half of my calorie count today, which is really surprising. I did eat an apple, but clearly I need to work on finding more nutrient dense foods in terms of vitamin C, calcium, ect.  While today I feel okay, a 1000 calorie deficit is not okay. I will plan for tomorrow accordingly!

SNAP: The Dilemma of Food Insecurity

Hello everyone!

I am participating in the Food Fellows’ week long  SNAP challenge, where I will be eating, price wise, on an average food stamp benefits plan. SNAP is a government subsidy program used by roughly 45 million Americans (as of July 2014) to purchase food. SNAP FAQ

While students who live on campus here at The Ohio State University are required to purchase a meal plan, the prices for this meal plan in addition to the prices for food on campus are extremely high. As a result, I want to not only highlight the struggle millions of Americans’ face in terms of food insecurity, but I also want to highlight the outlandish prices for food here at OSU. While the SNAP challenge suggests eating 4 blocks a day, I will challenge myself to eat 2 blocks a day to highlight how all students are suffering from the high prices of food on campus.

This is going to be a challenge for me. My blood is made of green tea and I usually snack throughout the day. Now, I am going to stick to my glass water bottle and document each day what 2 blocks can get me in terms of energy, ability, and the overall calorie count. Normally, I have jam packed days. I take six classes totaling 18 credit hours, I do work for The Undergraduate Student Government and the Journal of Politics and International Affairs, I’m starting work on developing a research thesis, and all this work is magnified by participating in a campaign for Undergraduate Student Government. Additionally, I just took a job that requires me to walk about campus distributing a survey for a student’s Denman Thesis.

I was once told that one of the best things about me was that I never let my work get through the cracks, that I get everything done. I feel as though this challenge may cause me to suffer some setbacks to a lot of what I do because food has always been a secure source of economic benefit and a complete necessity for me to be ambitious. I am very nervous, but eager to participate in this challenge! I will be documenting what I eat each day, how I feel, and how I do. Hopefully, you will read along and see what happens!