Dear Leah…football Saturdays

Dear Leah

Q: What are some of the fun things to do, or traditions to take part in, on Buckeye Football game days?

A: As Buckeyes, we take game day very seriously. It’s good to have your closet stocked full with enough scarlet and grey attire to clothe an army. You can never have too much scarlet and grey.


Spellilng out “O-H-I-O”-another Buckeye tradition!

Once you’re dressed in the most spirited outfit you can assemble, then it’s time to start with the festivities. Usually on the Thursday before a game, the setup starts on campus with tents and trailers popping up everywhere. By Friday, parking lots are roped off in preparation for all of the dedicated tailgaters who will start arriving to campus in the early morning hours on Saturday. Tailgating for Ohio State football games is taken seriously by many, and the parking lots surrounding the Shoe are always packed full with tents, trailers, tv’s, lawnchairs, couches, food, cornhole…you name it, it’s probably at the tailgate.

Before every game, there is a Skull Session held in St. John’s arena. Skull Session, originally just a “warm-up” for the marching band, has turned into a pep-rally and pump-up session for players, band members, and fans alike as the football team stops by on their way to the stadium. St. John’s arena is chock full with the excited energy of fans, and Urban Meyer and usually a senior football player will address the crowd. Following the Skull Session, the football team walks together into the Shoe as they begin final preparations before taking the field.

Just minutes before kickoff, another infamous Ohio State tradition transpires: Script Ohio. The band’s members wind and weave their way through each other to spell out in cursive, “Ohio.” To dot the “i,” a senior sousaphone player gets the honor as they spin, bow down, and flip back up to the roar of the crowd. Script Ohio is an impressive tradition to witness, so my advice is don’t wait until kickoff to get to your seat!


The marching band performing 4 Script Ohio’s with the addition of alumni members.



Summer McCracken and Leah Schwinn ready for some Ohio State football.

Undoubtedly my favorite football tradition is the singing of Carmen Ohio after every game, win or lose. After the final seconds of the game tick off the clock, the football team all gathers down at the South end of the stadium in front of the band and Block O South, which is the main student section. Everyone stands and wraps their arms around each other as the band plays and the whole stadium sings the words to Carmen Ohio.

Game day makes you so proud and honored to call yourself a Buckeye. The best part is simply the atmosphere and constant vibe of excitement among everyone. OH-IO is shouted out more times than you can count, and campus is alive and buzzing with people covered head to toe in scarlet and grey. Luckily for us students, the first home game of the year is only 18 days away! Go Bucks!



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