Howell hired as ag educator for Southern Wells

Join us in congratulating recent agriscience education graduate Alexis Howell, as she was recently hired as the agriculture educator and FFA advisor for Southern Wells High School in Indiana.

We look forward to watching your career as an agricultural educator succeed!


News Release: Kitchel completes Big Ten Leadership Program

Dr. Tracy Kitchel, professor and chair for the Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership (ACEL), recently completed the Big Ten Academic Alliance’s Academic Leadership Program (ALP).

Throughout the year-long program, Kitchel participated in three seminars hosted by Big Ten Academic Alliance universities, which focused on contemporary issues in higher education, internal and external relationships and money, management, and strategies. These programs were specifically oriented to address the challenges of academic administrators at major research universities. As part of the leadership program, Ohio State’s Big Ten ALP Fellows engaged with their university leaders on campus about their own leadership trajectory. University leaders also discussed challenges and opportunities at Ohio State.

“The Big Ten Academic Alliance’s Academic Leadership Program allowed me to learn more about myself as a leader, to dive deep on the issues and opportunities on our campus, and to think about the broad issues facing higher education all while engaging with current and future university leaders. This has been one of the most comprehensive leadership experiences in my career,” said Kitchel. While reflecting on life after this program, he added, “This program has made me a better leader for my department and college. In addition to taking time to be reflective, I have a much stronger understanding of the landscape of higher education at Ohio State and beyond.”

“The ALP is one of the jewels of the Big Ten Academic Alliance creating a moment for academic leaders to have a larger vision of leadership and to broaden their vision of the Big Ten and Higher Education,” said Dr. Kay Wolf, senior vice provost for Ohio State in the Office of Academic Affairs. “Tracy Kitchel exemplifies the outstanding faculty leaders at Ohio State and joined this learning cohort of leaders. OAA was happy to sponsor him in the program.”

Through the program, participants who have demonstrated exceptional ability and administrative promise can further develop their leadership and managerial skills. Fellows are appointed to one-year terms, and funding is provided by the participating institutions.

ACEL prepares communicators, educators and leaders in the food, agricultural, and environmental sciences to integrate research-based learning, practice and engagement, in ways that will advance positive changes that strengthen individuals, families and communities. For more information on the academic programs and research available in ACEL, please visit


Faculty, graduate students honored at NACTA conference

In late June, several of our faculty members and graduate students attended the 2019 North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA) conference held in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Faculty and graduate students presenting research include:

Oral Presentation: Using iPads to Enhance Education Abroad Learning, Kelly Newlon and Kelly George

Poster Presentation: Second-Year Engagement: A Theoretical Examination of First-Generation College of Agriculture Students, AaronGiorgi and Susie Whittington

Faculty and staff receiving awards include:

NACTA Teaching Scholar Award: Dr. Emily Buck
NACTA Educator Award: Dr. Caryn Filson and Dr. Annie Specht
NACTA Graduate Student Award: Aaron Giorgi, Fally Masambuka, and Lauren Stohlmann

Join us in congratulating these faculty and graduate students who do an outstanding job teaching our students!

2019 Spring Semester Dean’s List

The 2019 Spring Semester Dean’s List for the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences has been announced and 92 undergraduate students from the Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership are included.

Congratulations to the following students on earning at 3.5 GPA or higher during Spring Semester.


Wilson successfully defends dissertation

Join us in congratulating Dr. Kelly Wilson on the successful defense of her dissertation titled “Do Women Reap the Benefits? Exploring Access and Social Exclusion among Village Chicken Producers in Kenya.”
Dr. Wilson completed her dissertation under the advisement of Dr. Mary Rodriguez and Dr. Scott Scheer. Dr. Jera Niewoehner-Green and graduate faculty representative Dr. Karen Mancl served as members of her committee.
Congratulations Kelly!

Snider hired as director of education and outreach with GrainBridge


Congratulations to Sydney Snider, a recent agricultural communication graduate, on her new position as director of education and outreach with GrainBridge in Omaha, Nebraska.

In her new role, she will oversee the delivery and implementation of risk-management curriculum developed for agricultural educators using GrainBridge technology. She will also oversee key parthersihops with sponsors and state FFA associations.

Congratulations Sydney! We look forward to watching you succeed in your new career!


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Woodworth joins Made from Scratch as marketing coordinator

Join us in congratulating recent agricultural communication graduate Jessy Lee Woodworth on her new position as the marketing coordinator for Made From Scratch Catering.
We hope your first few weeks are going well! We know you’ll do great in your role!

Education Abroad in Panama

Jasmine Mabry ’22
agriscience education

I was asked to sum up my time abroad in Panama to be shared with you all, but that’s a very hard thing for me to do. You know those times when you are just completely speechless and in awe of everything that’s happening around you? Well, that’s exactly how I felt my entire time in Panama. From the time we boarded our first flight (which was my first flight ever), to the last night spent with some incredible new friends. Panama was nothing less than an absolutely, breathtaking experience. 

One of the reasons it was such an incredible trip for me was because we had the opportunity to visit many farms while abroad. Agriculture is something I am very passionate about, so it was incredible to see it from a completely new perspective. Along with that, it was very interesting to see how important agriculture was to the Panamanian people. Most families had some type of food producing animal so that they’d be able to provide for their own families (subsistence farms). It was incredible to see how hard working and dedicated each farm owner we visited was. They wanted nothing more than to produce the best products they could with the information they had been given.

Some of my favorite parts of this trip were our visit to the Instituto Nacional de Agricultura (INA), the hike I was able to go on, and seeing some of the deep historic roots of Panama. INA was an agricultural school that students had the opportunity to apply to. INA had everything from a fish farm, to coffee beans, and even livestock animals that the students were in charge of taking care of. On the sixth day of our trip we had a free day. I chose to take a hike, and that was probably the best decision I could’ve made. Having the opportunity to be so close to the exotic Panamanian nature was absolutely incredible. I had the opportunity of seeing an abandoned castle, which there were many stories about. I also got see a sloth and trogons (a rare bird species). Lastly, I had the privilege of going through the canal. It was incredible to be able to go through something so historic, and important for Panama and many surrounding countries.


Panama was the perfect first experience abroad for me. I hope that one day I can return  and gain even more knowledge about their agricultural practices, soak up some more history and hike for some more incredible views. Until that day, I’ll cherish all the incredibly fun and crazy memories I have. For instance, I’ll never forget having to ride five hours on a bus because our flight reservations were somehow lost, or having our boat ambushed by monkeys, or even sitting outside eating soup while it was 120 degrees. These are memories I’ll never forget, because they made my time in Panama with the best group of people so much sweeter.



Thank you Jasmine for sharing your education abroad experience with us!

If you are an ACEL student who has participated in an education abroad program and would like to share your experience, email