Becoming an Advising Administrator

If you are interested in learning more about careers in advising administration, we encourage you to contact an Advising Admin Mentor. These mentors are experienced advising admins who agreed to be contacted for mentoring activities or conversations. They are eager to talk with you, so email them today!

College of Arts and Sciences
Todd Bitters Administrative Director – Academic Advising
Emily Carpenter Coordinator – Academic Advising
Brenda Dinan Assistant Director – Academic Advising
Alisa Paulsen Director of Undergraduate Programs (Psychology)
Tony Valle Assistant Director – Academic Advising
Fisher College of Business
Kim Bader Assistant Director for Honors
Andrea Evans Assistant Director for Orientation
Melinda McDonald Executive Director, Undergraduate Programs
Beth Pittman Associate Director of Student Services
College of Education and Human Ecology
TBD Academic Advisor & 1st year programs
College of Engineering
Barry Tolchin Academic Advisor
Peter Spreitzer Director
College of Medicine
Breanne Falb Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Academic Advisor and Staff Assistant
Lisa Terek Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Director of Academic Studies
College of Nursing
Nicole Fette Director for Student Services
Ken Sigler Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Culture & Diversity
College of Pharmacy
Katie Watkins Academic Counselor and Staff Assistant
College of Public Health
Kynthia Droesch Director, Office of Academic Programs and Student Services
Lisa Mayhugh Program Manager, Health Services Management and Policy