Tier 3

Go the distance

Tier 3 = 150 – unlimited points

Various professional development activities = variable points (see below)

  • 200 points = A second letter is sent to your immediate supervisor indicating that you are proactive and taking action on professional development.
  • 275 points = A $20 gift card and your name in a drawing to win a $200 gift card. The more points you accumulate, the more times your name will be entered in the drawing, so the better your chances are of winning.
  • 350 points = A certificate and special recognition at the annual ACADAOS Kickoff Event.

Point values for activities (Descriptions of these activities are located on the Advisor Professional Development Carmen site.)

10 Points Each

  • Write a web site/article review
  • Attend an event/workshop
  • Join a regional/national organization

20 Points Each

  • Write a proposal for a presentation
  • Write a book review
  • Facilitating a discussion
  • On-campus committee
  • Regional/National committee member (not ACADAOS)
  • ACADAOS, first-time co-chair/chair of a committee
  • Planning an event
  • Be a mentor for a new advisor
  • Be a mentee

30-50 Points Each

  • Attend a conference
    • On campus (30)
    • Off campus (40)
  • Present at a conference
    • On campus (40)
    • Off campus (50)
  • Write a grant (40)
  • Write a journal article (30)
  • Publication in a National Journal (40)
  • Regional/National Board Member (not ACADAOS) (50)
  • Regional/National committee chair/co-chair (not ACADAOS) (50)
  • Take a course (50)

Don’t see your activity listed? You will have the opportunity to submit other activities to the professional development committee for review. Point values will be assigned and tracked accordingly.

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