Tier 2

Keep it going

Tier 2 = 51 – 100 points

Complete the Professional Development Self-Assessment and complete an individual Professional Development Plan = 100 points

In order to grow as a professional, it is important to have an excellent understanding of one’s core strengths and areas for improvement. As such, ACADAOS has developed a quick self-assessment to help you determine your comfort level with CAS Standards of Advising and Ohio State’s Advisor Essential Skills and Functions. We encourage you to take this self-assessment and use your results to help develop an individualized professional development plan.

  • If you score on the lower end of this self-assessment, we recommend taking a look at the training opportunities offered by the Office of Undergraduate Education and incorporating any relevant training sessions into their professional development plan.
  • If you score on the higher end of this self-assessment, you should explore this website and the suggested activities listed on the ACADAOS Advisor Professional Development Carmen site to make purposeful steps toward growing professionally this year. Make a Professional Development Plan to participate in the activities that appeal to you.

Once you complete your Professional Development Plan, you will earn 100 points and you will be able to move on to Tier 3 in the Professional Development Incentive Program. Also, a letter from Dr. Wayne Carlson, Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education, will be sent to your immediate supervisor stating that you have made a commitment to professional development by completing Tiers 1 & 2 of the Professional Development Incentive Program.

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