Professional Development Program


After polling its members at the end of the 2013-2014 academic year, the ACADAOS Executive Committee found that the advising community at Ohio State was actively seeking opportunities to grow professionally but the paths to those opportunities appeared cloudy and confusing. The Executive Committee voted to collaborate with Jen Belisle, Advising Resource Coordinator for the Office of Undergraduate Education to create more navigable pathways to professional development. A member directory was created so that advisors would be able to list areas they hoped to grow in and areas in which they felt reasonably knowledgeable. This allows ACADAOS and affiliates to create more specific training resources and more specific professional development opportunities. It also allows for a community of shared knowledge. For example, if an advisor reports feeling that they need better presentation skills, there is a resource list of advisors who feel confident in that area to help coach the advisor seeking to improve. Through knowledge sharing we can build a stronger advising community.

To encourage individual advisors to engage in professional development opportunities, a Professional Development Program was created during Summer 2014.


The Professional Development Program is divided into three tiers of involvement based on points. You earn points by completing various professional development activities. As you accrue points, you advance in tiers.

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3




Q: What can I receive as being a part of the program?

A: As you progress through the Program, you accumulate points for everything that you log into our Carmen site. In 2015, we gave out over $900 in professional development grants, with our grand prizes being $250. We will be awarding similar amounts this year. The more points you accumulate, the greater the chances that you will win.


Q: Is there anything I can get along the way, before the Grand Prizes?

A: Yes! Those who progress through Tier 2 of the program receive a letter from Dr. Wayne Carlson, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies and Dean of Undergraduate Education, sent to your supervisor. This letter will indicate that you have made a significant contribution to your professional development, and should be recognized for your efforts.


Q: Are there non-professional development related prizes that are available?

A: We have received this question a lot, and many of you have indicated that a gift card for online shopping or a restaurant may motivate you more than funds for professional development. At this time, we are looking into the feasibility of this. There may be some restrictions on what we can or cannot offer, given our status as an organization. Please know that we are looking into this, and would love to offer those things, if we can.


Q: How do I get involved with the Program?

A: Just go to the Advisor Professional Development Carmen Site, and follow the directions on the home page. As an ACADAOS member, you should already have access to it on Carmen. If you do not see it, please email us and we can make sure that you are added.


Q: What sort of things qualify for points?

A: Everything from attending on-campus workshops (10 pts), being a part of a committee (20 pts), planning an event (20 pts), taking a course (50 pts), to presenting at an off-campus conference (50 pts), and many more, can get you points. Basically, all you have to do is start keeping track of what you are already doing!


Q: Can I use BuckeyeLearn to track my points?

A: Yes and no. Unfortunately, we can’t sync BuckeyeLearn with our Carmen site. However, since BuckeyeLearn will keep track of anything that you have done through the system, you can use that to log your activities into our Carmen site in one fell swoop.


Q: What if there is something I want to do, but it is not listed on Carmen?

A: Just contact one of our officers or email us at We are happy to discuss whatever it is, and determine if it can count, and how many points we would assign.


Q; Won’t this take a lot of time? I am already so busy.

A: We know that you have a lot on your plate, and taking a lot of time out of your day isn’t feasible. However, logging points only takes a few minutes. The hardest part (attending workshops, conferences, etc.) most of you are already doing, anyway. For example, are you attending the Focusing on the First Year Conference, you can get thirty (30) points just for attending!